Hello! So now it seems I also write!

yo copia

Hello everyone! My name is Maria, though few people referred to me by my name, in my family almost everybody calls me “Mery” (my lil sis calls me “Pishu Mery”) and my friends call me Miss Rubio (they are a few more nicknames running around, but I always present myself by my name) (don´t get me wrong I don´t mind those kind of nicknames).
Well what is this blog about? I have no idea.
I´ll tell you a bit about my situation and what has taken me to start writing again (I used to have a fashion blog a hundred years ago, but I got bored). I finished my studies a couple months ago, and now I´m stranded in my parents kitchen looking for a job. It´s probably one of the most loneliest things in the world: I wake up early and start drawing (yes I´m an artist) and spend the whole day in front of my computer creating images that hopefully one day will get me a job and it´s not that I don´t like to spend my day drawing, but I need SOCIAL INTERACTION. The only people I see is my beloved family but they have to work or go to class, so I only interact at lunch and dinner time (less would give a stone) and it´s no like my family would listen to all I have to say, the thing is that I have A LOT to say (and a lot of siblings with also a to say too) so this is going o be my little window of expression.
I don’t intend to make this popular, I don’t even care if someone reads it it´s just a way of making something a bit different and share everything that goes through my head. As I said this is just something fun for me, so I´ll talk of the most random things (who knows, maybe one day I´ll cook and the next talk about sports), and I won´t have a certain regularity, I´ll write when I need to, I don´t even know how long I´m going to be with this, maybe a couple of days or maybe forever, who knows?

So, if you want to come with me and follow this journey you are welcome, and if not it´s ok!

See you in the next post! (or not)

Until next post! (or not)


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