Hottest legs on earth

piernas copia

So yeah it’s seems I happen to have the hottest thighs on earth, don´t get me wrong and let me explain:
I’ve always have felt unconfortable wearing pantis and jeans, why? because my legs get very very hot and everithing starts to itch and I have the desperate need of taking everything off. I remember going with the school uniform with socks all winter because I really couldn´t stand the heat.

And why does this happen? I haven´t got I clue, but I had a flatmate that I the theory taht my legs where covered with “brown fat”.

Brown fat is a special fat normally found in babies that produces heat and protects them from cold. When we grow up that fat disappears and becomes “white fat” (isolates from cold), but it has been discoverd recently thar some grown ups still preserve theother type. By the moment is has been the most “logical explication” because it´s true my legs radiate heat! (and this is the reason I NEVER sleep with pants, even though my sister thinks I do it to bother her) (when I sleep with people I wear a night gown or shorts) (It doesn´t matter how cold it is outside)

So after this little (and not very entertaining) chat about my hot legs it´s time for me to leave you so…
Until next post! (or not)


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