I find your lack of apple slices disturbing

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I once had a conversation with a very interesting person, I was telling him about something I had done and I didn’t regret (it wasn’t something to regret about, but it was something I wouldn’t do again) and he said “you should not regret anything!!!!” And why not? Regreting something is not bad, it doesn’t make you look weak or ald fashion or whatever… I think people nowadays life a very light way, flying over people and things like if they could get infected with some type  of strange disease of kindness or humanity.
Life is like an apple pie, you have the sponge cake, the compote and finally apple slices on top. If you just have the sponge cake and the compote, the pie is good, but when you add the apple on top its AMAZING. Sometimes it can happen that a little seed comes across and you choke, and you have a bad moment, but you spit, and some people decide to no try the pie again, just in case, but other people forget about the seed and keep enjoying cake, it can happen again but you can learn to avoid it or whatever.
Apple slices are the thing you need, in my opinion, to have the complete life experience, as I said, pie with just the two first layers is good, and cutting slices is hard and something you could skip because you already have a good pie, but come on…don’t you want the EXCELLENT VERSION?!!!! It’s a bit harder to achieve but it’s totally worth it (at least for me)
A lot of people will laugh at you and your slices, and some of us may fall to social pressure, because it’s not easy to stay firm sometimes, but if you stick to it, not only will you have the best pie, buy all thos slice-less people, while laughing at you on the outside, will secretly cry for you delicious and complete pie.
I am a pro slice person, and as I said it’s hard but it’s totally gratifying to be myself. If I didn’t love apple pie I would go out every weekend, get drunk and wake up in a stranger s bed, I wouldn’t go to church every Sunday, I wouldn’t wake up at 8:00 am every morning to draw and I wouldn’t wear garter belts, I would just be one more, and that doesn’t sound fun to me.
I am not saying that the people who don’t cut slices are living their lives in a wrong way, this is what works for me and I think that what is good (or bad) for one person doesn’t work the same way for another, but in any case you shouldn’t miss respect yourself or anyone else.
Going back to the regret things I think everyone should have a “moral code” to live through (I actually think everybody has one but just don’t know it or don’t want to admit it) (It’s something that comes with us and that unconsciouly we go shapping), as a great man once said «try to be a really good person, because then you’ve got some moral there to pitch against the evils that most stories are about» (Ian McCaig, Artist Interview with Iain McCaig, Bobby Chiu Youtube chanel) (I really recommend the whole interview, every word this guy says is a lesson for life and art)
I don’t say insubstantial people or things are not necessary or good I myself have insubstantial days and feel great because as I said you need balance and you can’t be always expect the deepest of everyone and anything, that’s really boring you just have to know how to play around. Things also come with time and experience, those are the real shapers.
I won’t extend much more because I might be going too intense I just want you to know that I’m not afraid of falling in love, crying, compromise, being happy,  working hard, recovering from “ugly” experiences and looking forward, because with all its ups and downs I love life.

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Maria´s Musical Fridays II

viernes musicales copia

Second session of MARIA´S MUSICAL FRIDAYS! Yeah people!! Unfortunately I’m a bit in a hurry so I can´t extend myself tonight *tears, tears*, but let´s keep the spirits high and that volume even higher!

Ahora- Dry Martina

Sadly, as I said I don’t have much time today, but if I had I would not save words of admiration for this group and their music (if you read last Fridays post you´ll see what I mean). About the song, it´s not normal to find a lyrics with you can resemble so much like I do to this song in this time of my life, I would say 90-95%.

Let´s go surfing- The drums

Today I woke up at 5:00 pm and went to the beach, and at 8:00 pm I was in the water. Awesome way to start a day.

(in a month or so, you will see what I was doing up so early)(it was so worth it)

Broken record- Tessa Violet

Musical Fridays are supported in and over exaggerated drama, not in a negative way, it´s more like the sauce of life, this is a concept in which I want to dive deeply in further editions, because I must say it´s super interesting. But once again I don´t have much time so enjoy this lovely Tessa Violet song and focus in the second verse! I have to leave! Have a nice weekend!

Until next post! (or not)

To be (in FB) or not to be (in FB)

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Facebook, that unfathomable world which I don´t want to explore to deeply (especially after watching “The Social Network”) has us trapped in many ways. I confess I have my personal/private profile and that it comes really in handy nowadays, but I´ve always said that if I could I would shut down my profile, but as I said, it comes really in handy. It´s not that I’m addicted or or anything (I don´t even have it installed in my mobile) it’s just that I other things better.

The thing is that I’ve avoided creating my “art page” in FB for a couple of years, but always knowing that sooner or later it would end up happening…so yes, it´s happened… because as I’ve just told a friend by whatsapp “You have to grab the moment when it comes” (and read the signs also helps) and after I posted my latest art piece today the reaction on my personal profile has been quite unanimity and I couldn’t avoid it anymore and here I present you my new FACEBOOK PAGE.
Until next post! (or not)

Maria´s Musical Fridays!

viernes musicales copia

Once it was said of my artwork, by a friend, that it was usual to find musical references in it (you can read it here) and yeah, she was totally right, music has a very important paper in my life and my artwork, and on fortune I have a very big music culture, thanks to my dad (I´ll might talk about that one day).

So like a year and half ago, I accidentally started something that ended up being known as the MARIA´S MUSICAL FRIDAYS.
And what is this about? I´ll put you in situation:
When I met someone I’ll probably have a song for that person (but I normally don´t tell) and when I became friends with Naomi (we became super friends very fast and very spontaneously) (good things come when you less expect them) for some reason the universe or something, started sending us really bizarre and surreal situations (you laugh a lot with those kind of things) and I had to put the soundtrack to all of those moments, and that´s how the Musical  Fridays started.

How did it work?
I did them for almost a year, and I posted 3 songs (with its explanation) every Friday on Naomi´s Facebook wall (we have had special editions, sometimes they moves to my own wall or to others friend´s), but for some reason I stopped doing it, but I kept putting soundtrack to everything for myself and lately I’ve been missing sharing my musical selection to the world and that´s why I´ved decide to start again in this blog! (yayyyy you know you´ve got at least a post week assured).

So yeah (I have the feeling I repeat that a lot)your favourite DJ is back! and every Friday you will have my 3 songs for you, sometimes they will be related to things happened to me or sometimes just songs I want to share, so let`s start! (don´t be too harsh with me, I might be a bit rusty)

Rain on your parade- Duffy

If you follow me on Tumblr you know this has been my song of the week I totally love this song and I think it didn’t get enough credit when it came out, but well great things don’t always get the credit they deserve. I really don’t want to extend myself in the reason why I’ve chosen this week’s songs, but actually I think the titles and lyrics speak by themselves, so sorry but your are not getting a deeper sight of my person.

Malahierba- Dry Martina

Unfortunately this one is not online yet because the album that contains it has been released today (when it´s on Youtube I´ll come back and edit this) (or maybe not).
This song, is by my favourite band of all times DRY MARTINA, it’s a jazz band from Malaga, and it happens the same that in the first song, HOW IS IT THAT SOMETHING SO GOOD IS NOT MORE POPULAR?????? but well as they say Las cosas solo pueden, solo deben ir a mejor (Things can only, should only go better).
While this song is unavailable I encourage you to listen to their first CD Momento perfecto.


Yo soy infiel- Ole Ole

And the last song! I must say the title of the song (and part of the lyrics) has nothing to do with me! But! It was the first song I shared (when the Musical Fridays didn’t even have name) and I thought it would be a nice way to start all over.
It’s curious…always when I write about the song I choose, I always listen to them (sometimes even a couple times) because I get inspired by the lyrics and while I´m writing this I see I have more in common with this song than I could have ever thought…not with the title but yes with part of the lyrics… and a year ago, when I originally shared the song I had nothing that resembled in my life with this song I just shared it because I wanted my friend to hear it…but now so many has changed…for good on fortune.

Well it’s time to finish! I hope you have enjoyed this intense musical trip, but now I´m tired so I think I’m going longboard for a while so
Until next post! (or not)

My total inability drawing caricatures

ojo copia

Greetings my beloved readers! you thought I had already abandoned my crusade! Well no, I just didn’t have time or anything to tell but today! I have for you the frustration of my inability drawing caricatures (I suppose you might have guessed it by the title).

Actually it’s not totally frustrating because even I don’t exaggerate enough and stay in a portrait I get really cool drawings! But still! my goal is being able to do caricatures (You know Jason Seiler? well you should) so we are still having a little problem.

I try to do at least one a week so I know (hope) eventually to get there. Last week I made handsome Javier Rey (ended up looking a bit like Jon Kortajarena) and there wasn’t any sight of exaggeration…. But today! I made LunchMoney Lewis! and guess what???? STILL NO SIGHT OF EXAGGERATION!!!!!! But I must say It´s been the first time I color something like this and the result came out AWESOME so we can say that we are getting somewhere and wherever it´s taking us, looks good judge by yourself.
Well it´s time for me to start making lunch so you know what comes now
Until next post! (or not)