Maria´s Musical Fridays II

viernes musicales copia

Second session of MARIA´S MUSICAL FRIDAYS! Yeah people!! Unfortunately I’m a bit in a hurry so I can´t extend myself tonight *tears, tears*, but let´s keep the spirits high and that volume even higher!

Ahora- Dry Martina

Sadly, as I said I don’t have much time today, but if I had I would not save words of admiration for this group and their music (if you read last Fridays post you´ll see what I mean). About the song, it´s not normal to find a lyrics with you can resemble so much like I do to this song in this time of my life, I would say 90-95%.

Let´s go surfing- The drums

Today I woke up at 5:00 pm and went to the beach, and at 8:00 pm I was in the water. Awesome way to start a day.

(in a month or so, you will see what I was doing up so early)(it was so worth it)

Broken record- Tessa Violet

Musical Fridays are supported in and over exaggerated drama, not in a negative way, it´s more like the sauce of life, this is a concept in which I want to dive deeply in further editions, because I must say it´s super interesting. But once again I don´t have much time so enjoy this lovely Tessa Violet song and focus in the second verse! I have to leave! Have a nice weekend!

Until next post! (or not)


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