My first artistic job. Yayyy me!

trabajos copia

The sooner I write it the sooner I get it, what? you might ask: A JOB. Yes people! last Tuesday I was writing the “about” section and complaining about the topic and half an hour more o less after publishing it I got the awaited mail and after a few more mails crossed the job was finally mine! And so I start today! yaayyyyyy

It’s my first artistic job, but not my first job and as all of them in the past this first artistic employment isn’t really normal. And since the year is coming to the end and people are fond of making list of their year memories I´m not going to be less and I’m going to make a list on the odd jobs I have had along my life.

My first “real” job (I say “real” because it was the first that money didn’t come from any relative, because I’ve been earning my money since I was 8), came when I was 16 in a flamenco dresses (typical spanish) shop called El Rocio. I saw the announcement in the window shop and immediately got in and asked for it, after I few questions like how old was I or if I could get a partner, so I left them my number and went back home.
At 9 am of the next Saturday my mom pulled me out of the bed and put me on the phone, it was from the shop, they have hired me and that started that day in two hours. I immediately called my cousin (that was my partner in crime) and told her to come rushing to Malaga city (she lives in an near town).
We got to the shop (late), the put us the flamenco dresses and send us with a couple of banners to walk around the street. So that was my entry in the working life, all covered in ruffles with a banner walking around the streets all summer.

We took pictures with hundreds of tourist and became friend with all the human statues that work in the main street.

My second job was kinda normal, but only lasted 7 seven hours. It was a as waitress in a wedding in a big hotel. Of course I had to wear uniform and of course I spilt a tray over me, full of gazpacho to be more specific.

My next job was in a sports foundation. I had to wear a tracksuit ( which is my most hated type of outfit) and there I had different task, depending on the event some days I spoke through a mike and others I organize little gymnastic brats.

The next job was a bit…bizarre. This time I worked with my sister as a partner and we had to go around the flea market of La Costa del Sol giving hospital advertising to the tourist (it was a hospital special for them). Until here, everything fine…now comes the awkward part… we had to do it dressed as nurses… I have no comments on that. (it was a horrible job by the way).

And now we get to today! the day I finally start using my studies to earn some money!
As it couldn’t be less I have to wear a uniform: all black and classy, I don’t have problems with uniforms (as we have seen it’s my every job charge).
And what’s the job about? Well it´s for the Nespresso Christmas campaign (woaa Nespresso, that’s a big one). I’ll be sitting in a stand with a hostess that will wrap the coffee making machines and the I will have to hand draw illustrations on the paper. I’m going to feel like an artist in a signature session at a Comic Com or similar!
Well as always I don´t have much time to finish this properly, but I’ll come back (or not) with more working experieces, so by te moment.
See you in the next post! (or not)


Maria´s Musical Fridays VI (on Monday) (Christmas edition)

viernes musicales copia

Ok people! I know it’s Monday and that I’ve skipped two Fridays (for which I had the musical selection and the attitude to do them) because I didn’t have time! (It’s ironic, I don’t study or have a job but still don´t have time for anything because I’m always working to get a job)

Well this week we have Christmas so I felt it was time for a my selection for this festivitie, so sit back, chill have some turrón (typical Christmas candy) and enjoy the music.

El mejor regalo eres tú- Nancys Rubias

This one actually repeats from last year’s selection (as you can see here) and it’s the spanish version of the classic all I want for Christmas is you, by one of the most misunderstood spanish groups of all time (but also one of my favourites), ans well since it´s a Christmas edition, I really don´t have any special attachment with it so I can’t really “dramatize” about the lyrics or the music or anything, sorry guys!

California Winter- Bonnie McKee

I heard this song for the first time after I had just published last year’s selection, so it didn’t make it in, but it was instant crush, the music the lyrics, the video (apart from the (non)lip sync). C’mon! this song screams SUMMER all through it, and I love summer… 

We Won’t Remember Christmas (ft. Brett Domino, Mandem On The Wall & Tom Deacon) – The Midnight Beast

Ok, and the last and greatest one of all three…another late discovery…just missing a little tequila in the lyrics, but we will get over it…the super Youtube collab WE WONT REMEMBER CHRISTMAS (It has Brett Domino in it, that makes it totally awesome) (let me set clear that I drink alcohol but never get drunk and that I have a great memory, so this has never really happened to me) (by the moment) (God’s paths are mysterious)

So missing the bizarre and surreal fun I just to have, and which I’ve been deprived lately (but which I know (or at least hope) that will come back and better) I wish you all a very very very very merry Christmas! (just a Brett Domino reference ;))

See you in the next post! (or not)

Strawberries, tequila and garter belts

myself2 copia

I couldn’t imagine a better title for my life lately. Why? I don´t know, it´is pink, mexican and glamorous.

It’s not that I’m living a Wildfox life or anything, at least in a material level (in my head lives a constant styled party) (mostly always).
The thing is that while I write this post, with a strawberry tequila cocktail, listening to Melanie Martinez´s Pity party my mind goes round my life, my day a day and makes questions that stay unsolved. I have just ate a piece of fruit cake my mom has made, it was delicious and as agent K says in Men in Black 3, cake is a good problem solver, but I´ve ate it fast and with out really enjoying it so it didn’t work, this night’s everything goes fast, not really typical in me (ask my dad).

As I said, I have a lot going around, I’m constantly going back and forward, trying to find out if I´m in the right direction.
I studied Fine Arts, but I never actually made Fine Arts, yes I have my college degree and passed all the assignments and tasks I needed to complete my four years, I argue A LOT with my teachers, because I didn’t agree with them almost in anything, but that was all. I´m not the bohemian artist type that reads hundreds of things other wrote, think of it and stupid amount of time an then produce. No, I´m more an action artist, you know I want to work in in cinema business, so my work isn’t supposed to express my feelings or anything, but secretly I´ve always had a part of my work, that even though it might look superficial or shallow (that I do produce images for images), a lot of time the serve me as a diary which I can shout through.
The problem is that that wasn’t 100%, because I was always thinking in the technique, the public and other thing that should not have mattered, but when you are dying to star working thanks to your work, you try that everything you do seves for a portfolio.

But now I’m tired of “hiding”, I’m going to start developing that “finest artist” in me, but for me, my rules, my colors my paths.

The problem is, that coin has another side called “I still need a job”. I don’t intend to abandon cinema, by the moment, but I have to be realistic: I´ve been searching since May in that direction and NOTHING. I know it might be soon, but as I said a few post ago I want to do something big, I’m really tired of waiting for someone to give me a chance and the idea of starting my own project grows everyday, it would not be big screen related as I said that might step a bit aside. I guess everyone has it´s place in life, and maybe mine is full of glitter, lace, sewing machines, endless party full of glamour instead of cintiqs, frames, and color keys…who knows? maybe a couple of years from now, you are wearing my t-shirts and garter belts, well let´s just go with the flow and expect the best from life.

So with the last sip of tequila and strawberries (I´am currently working of my very own strawberry-tequila cocktail, today’s wasn’t bad but I still have to work it out a bit) I wish you a pleasant night and as Coti would say Buena suerte, ciao, adiós. (I still suck at endings)

See you in the next post! (or not)



Something big

big copiaI need to do something big. What? I don’t know, but I need to do something that gets to a lot of people, or few, but something that makes you feel certain Je ne sais quoi, that moves whatever you might have inside you and something inspiring. And why? I don´t know! it´s not for a need for recognition or similar, it´s just the sensation that you have got something big inside and you need to share it with the world.
I suppose that you don´t plan things like this, they simply come.

Maria´s Musical Fridays III

viernes musicales copia

Hello my (non) readers! missed me?? well I’ve been quite busy lately and have not have the urge of writing, but! it´s Friday! so that means… MARIA´S MUSICAL FRIDAY! yay. As I said in the very first post this blog is something for improvisation, and that I will write when I want to write and that I will abandon it when I feel like it, but it´s true that I would like to maintain the Musical Fridays, it´s just that as I said I´ve been a bit lost in combat lately, but let´s stop this chit chat and get on with the music!

Un millón de cicatrices- El canto del loco

El canto del loco… a band I actually wasn’t really fond of until their last CD (And with last CD, I mean before they split), but well better later than ever.
I have to recognize I´ve had a bit of a rough time lately, and I´m not proud att all of my attitude and certain thoughts, I´m not like that, I´m not a sad, suspicious person, I don´t like to make anyone around me suffer unnecessarily, but I´m glad that I have been able too see the problem, say sorry, and configure myself to the happy and carefree girl I`m normally. I know my situation is going to be the same in a while, but now I got back my straight and my smile to face everything.

Kick ass (We are young)- Mika

Now in a bit more lively line, a song I’ve discovered like an hour ago and it’s been an instant love (probably because I´m in fighting mode).

From the Kick ass film, by the hand of the great Mika We are young, and well, as I said, I’m in fighting mode.

Hey everybody- 5 Seconds of summer

Money, work…those things that look so out of reach some times… you work hard looking for a job, but it doesn’t come, and actually it doesn’t have to come, no matter how much you work, what you need is LUCK. But I can’t afford to give up, I got to make out my luck, so Luck! I’m going to get you, no matter how hard you try to dodge me, I´ll get you.