Maria´s Musical Fridays VII

viernes musicales copia

First Musical Friday from the year!!!! yayyyy. I must warn you that it might be a bit randomly composed and I don´t really know if I`ll have much to say, but you will always have great music to hear so here we go!

Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me

Are you with me from Lost Frequencies, have you heard the lyrics? Then I have nothing more to say, 80% of my wishes are reflected by those words.

The sexual revolution- La casa azul

When I made the original MMF I didn’t have to worry about songs with spanish lyrics, because my friend was actually spanish (and speaks English, Spanish, German and some Chinese) so I didn’t feel bad, but now the thing changes a bit.
On my comments before the song, if it´s in spanish I try to explain a bit the content and why I chose it, because after all it´s like the “soundtrack” of my week, and since I speak spanish (I`m spanish too, just like my friend) I include spanish songs. Sorry my beloved english readers.

But this spanish song I bring this week…has an english version!!! YAYYYY (I still prefer the spanish one, but the lyrics are quite accurate).
Sexual revolution…by La casa azul… I don’t totally relate to the lyrics…but at the same time I do, it’s depends on the sentence like for example:
“You’ve been sure of one thing for a few days,
To be right or be wrong, it’s just a phase….” total YAY (in spanish it’s slightly different and I relate best)
I had a total NAY sentence, but I have analyzed it and well I was wrong, I actually can relate quite well to this song…mostly.

La Oreja de Van Gogh – Una y Otra Vez

And now you are totally going to forgive me fellows but the SONG of the week has definitely been Una y otra vez by La Oreja de Van Gogh and yes…it’s in spanish…I´m sorry… But from the first moment I heard this song I felt it so deeply on one side in a total overreacted way but on the other in a very truly way (Like in the track of Broken Record).

I’ll tell you what the song is about:
It’s about a girl sad and alone in a bar, and a boy comes and totally cheers her up. The spend a wonderful night together dancing all cuddle up and they are like falling in love with each other but when it´s time to say goodbye they totally freak out because some stupid fears or whatevers and they say goodbye, so the gurls starts going to his door day by day gathering some guts to call the dude and tell him that he loves him, while wishing he does the same. THE END

I don’t know why but I think that this could be something that could happen to me and even maybe it already is…who knows as I said in the previous post I’m not going to let some stupid fears or preconceived ideas get in the way, by the moment let’s give time to time.

Well this has been everything for today, I hope you enjoyed!
See you in the next post! (or not)



annecy copia.jpg

With this very suggesting title I welcome you to the first post of the year, I’ve been trying to get some time out but my short film is taking all my time lately (but it’s totally going to be worth it).

So this blog, responds to my needs of the moment, for example last week I would have talked about how I did in my job and stuff like that, but today I feel like talking of my “life resolutions” (I never make new year’s resolutions or so). I have a lot of time to think, because even animating takes a lot of concentration I’m still able of give things a turn or two and lately I’ve been thinking of the french film festival “Annecy”, but not in the way of a “festival”, I think of it more as a “concept” or a metaphor of life.

I regret not being a bit more daring in life, I’m not afraid of living but I have said “no” to things that I know were going to be good for me just because of fright, and I´m tired of that, tired of being stopped by “suppose to” or “not suppose to”. I don´t think I lived oppressed by my job, parents, friends… I actually always have done quite what I felt like but as I said I’ve been a bit corseted in certain aspects.

I like how I am, I have certain morals and ideas I don´t intend to change (basically because those things form who I am and they are not the things that stop me for doing what I want, actually they are te ones that encourage me to go ahead), but I also have that stupid voice tempting me with not going to certain places or not taking certain risk. I consider myself one of the most contrary/contrasted persons in the world and this is not the post to explain all that but I suppose that if you read it you might get a vague idea and to put a little silly example: when I´m working at my computer I have playlist that contain reggaeton and Mozart and I enjoy both the same (see there you have seen a bit of my daring part, no one would ever recognize they like/listen reggaeton becuse lots of people would stone them).

And what has Annecy “the festival” have to do with all this? Well, I’ll tell you:
I don’t know anyone really willing to go with me, so I said to myself “I don’t care! I can go on my own, I’m not afraid of travelling on my own” until here everything fine, but then that lazy and scared voice inside my head says “What are you going to do alone a whole week in France? Just by yourself, sleeping in a tent, just you, maybe you get bored, and you are going to make a great effort saving money for the trip, that by the way it’s very far from Malaga, how are you going to get there…” “SHUT UP! I’m going anyhow, I’ll meet very interesting people, I’ll get a job, have fun, maybe even meet someone special and learn a lot, so please stop trying to retain my thirst of adventure and life” and that´s more or less the fight that goes on in my head, the good thing is that that voice seems to be getting week, the bad is that Annecy is far in time still, so that stupid life blaster has time to rearm, but I have made the choice of not leaving it win ever again, c’mon girl! you know you can do it!

So for all of you constantly throwing excuses around for not living to the full, please STOP, enjoy a bit more and if you really have things that don’t allow you to do other stuff, reorganize! If you have to sleep 3 hours a day for an entire week so you can go on that trip or that whatever, do it! I’m sure you won’t regret it and that it’s worth it, lets stop being so lazy to live.
Well and that’s all for today, I wanna say “Hello!” to my two new unexpected subscribers I’m glad people enjoy my little mishmash of music, tequila and deep thoughts! and as always

Until next post! (or not)