Bar tendering, my way to cinema?

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So today having lunch with my family the conversation has had a curious turn and maybe even a possibility for my life that I could have never expected, let’s start from the beginning:
A couple months ago Facebook suggested me to follow “EBS” (European Bartender School) and of course it immediately caught my eye (c’mon! have you seen the videos! It’s like a summer camp learning how to do trillions of cocktails!) (You know I love cocktailing, more doing them than drinking them, but both) (I’ve even started producing my own liquors! (Strawberry by the moment)). I remember that by that moment there was a special offer that was the full course (it last 1 month) with the accommodation (It`s in Barcelona, a bit far from Malaga) like 780€ (Without the offer it costs 2020 €, slightly more expensive as you see).

But also a that moment I wasn’t totally desperate as I am to get a job of whatever comes in front of my life, so I was like: “WOW it would be so awesome to study there!!! but you know just for the love of fun and knowledge because I’m a animator/artist (whatever) and I have to get a job in that, I wouldn’t mind working in a bar serving cocktails for a couple of months thought I’m going to spend my whole life in front of a computer drawing backgrounds, but well that where I’m heading, you have already worked on those “summer jobs” for young people, now it’s time to work in what you have studied” HA.

After that I started thinking (maybe because of the Nespresso experience) that before nailing my butt to a Disney chair it would be cool to spend a couple of months in a job where you had to work publicly, I don’t mind interacting with other people and I’m not afraid of working in from of staring eyes, I also think (this I thought before “Desperate Mary” started coming out) that working facing the public is one of the best ways to learn how to treat people, and deal with everything with a smile and tons of patience (essential qualities for life) .

Ok, so you don’t give aside your dream job search, but you also start looking for other types of job (I really need to get out of my parents kitchen and be a bit independent monetarily speaking) but you get the same luck, because you don’t have enough experience in anything and your artistic studies are useless in other fields that don’t require a filling an empty canvas (I also suppose that artist are considered as lazy and not trust-worthy people). So we are once again where we started.

Going back to lunchtime: I have a couple of successful bartenders cousins in Madrid, and one of them is like a home service bartender, so people hire him to go to their houses during a party and he takes the drinks and everything and prepares cocktails for the attendants and my father was talking like how there wasn’t anything like that in Malaga and that we could start that service, but of course you need someone with a little bit of flow serving drinks and that knows how to manage the servings and stuff, and I remembered EBS and talked to them about it. My father said that the ideal thing would be to send one of us (Me, of course) to learn everything and the show the others the “art of being a bartender”.

I don’t know how much of seriousness was in those words and if he even consider it but well it made me think (I get things to think in from anything, as you might have seen):

What if I earn enough money to pay EBS, go there, become a great bartender, get a job (they have a job bank, which after my experience is the one thing you must consider before going into whatever school you might be thinking, if it doesn’t, sorry not interested) (they also say that almost all their students come out with a job, if I don’t I would start considering myself as the unluckiest person on the planet), move to Madrid (working as a bartender) and there I would have the opportunity to go where I know “animated” opportunities and contacts are made and FINALLY get a job in what I’ve put so much effort. It sounds like a good plan, right? At least I do, I don’t know, anything to add people?

Or who knows, maybe I get in to EBS and discover that that is my way in life, the night, cocktails and cocktail shakers, after all I’ve always had the fantasy of owning my own night club, bar or something like that, I don`t know, as always everything in my life is a bit on the air, I don’t have the slightest clue of what I’m even going to do tomorrow maybe I get a call for a job and I have to move to the US in less that one week or I win the lottery and decide to go on a one year trip around the world… there are so many possibilities and all of them are possible and impossible at the same time.
At least I know what I’m going to do for today: I’m going to finish this post, make the corresponding drawing, work on my schoolism assignment, make some sport, have dinner while watching chapter 3 of the second season of “Ahí abajo” go to bed and prepare for a new day full of hidden possibilities, so the only thing I have to say by the moment is:
Until next post! (or not)



I would have titled this “Aaaahhh….II” but I wanted to be a bit more original

cora2 copia.jpgHello, it’s me… Don’t worry! I’m not start all Adele-like (I think I’ve never listened to someone so…insufrible) (well there is a spanish singer called Manolo García who is on a similar or even higher level)

I know I’ve been a bit missing in combat lately, not only in the blog but also in my life and as I’ve commented in other occasions: I HATE IT
I really try to stay strong and to keep truth to my “optimistic/positive way to life” but come on, 9 months (I could have had a baby in that time) looking for a job with NO RESULTS! trust me it’s not easy (I suppose that sadly a lot of people know what it is) but the thing doesn’t finish there because when you are a lawyer, a teacher or whatever other non artistic job, you just have your curriculum to put up there and be judged by, BUT! in artistic disciplines you have a thing called “portfolio” (basically a folder with your BEST work). So you send your curriculum and your artwork to all the companies known and unknown and sometimes they send you a “sorry but no” mail but mostly nothing, wich in both cases means “your job is not good for us”.

I can totally understand my work is not going to suit most companies, but when in 9 months you don’t find even a tiny spot for you well you star to think… God knows what. I know my work isn’t perfect, it has a lot to improve, but I sincerely also think it has quality, and I learn fast I’ve already proved it (I also think that working (in a real position, with real projects and real pressure) is the best way to learn), I’m constantly looking for ways to improve (I have currently enrolled in a Schoolism course) and I really REALLY want to work, feeling that what I do is useful for the world is one of the things I love most (I find more satisfaction hanging the laundry than drawing lately…) But well, even though I don’t have much faith by the moment I’ll keep working hard, because that’s my thing. Or so I think.

That’s my main issue lately but other factors in my life don’t really help like for example:
-Getting a job of any other thing (just to make out some cash and have an occupation out of my parents kitchen) isn’t easier (and the administrations in charged seemed to be designed to make the life of job-less people even more miserable than what it already is)
-The fact that you barely have friends were you currently live because they are working in other cities and the ones that are here, have jobs that take all their time (good thing I have a loving family)

But I don’t want to give the impression that nothing good goes around! (I have to fight that dark cloud over my head, that I’ve noticed that sometime is a bit (lot) auto-imposed who knows why):
-My body is getting stronger (I’m taking my fitness much seriously), I’m even trying pushing myself to cool “complicated” yoga poses (I have a great balance head up, but head down…). I’m really enjoying this challenging my body limits.
-I’m back to studying French (remember I might be going to France in summer) and I’ve also started studying portuguese and I must say I’M LOVING IT, look: Eu gosto falar português. Yeah
-I’m alive which means I have the chance to keep chasing what I want
-I have a really supporting (some days) family

Well once again I’m getting bored of talking to myself but I have a (mostly male) public (I had today and unexpected confessed reader, and she is a woman, hi Hulia!) to entertain and I would not like to disappoint them! So that’s all for today
Until next post! (or not)

Maria’s Musical Fridays VIII

viernes musicales copia

Hi everyone! so as you might have read, last Tuesday was my birthday, is today Friday I’ll make a themed/focused MMF! let’s start with it!

Marilyn Monroe-Runnin’ Wild (From the Some like it hot ost)

This first song was actually chosen because of the film that appears in Some like it hot.
In this film Sugar Cane (Marilyn Monroe) sais “25 years, that gives a woman to think” and since I’m 25 now and I’m really thinking alot lately well it was perfect.
I also listened to other songs from the film but the lyrics in this one was kinda perfect for me this moment.

Marina and the diamonds- Primadonna

I’m a starving right now so it’s a bit hard for me to think straight, but I’ve always loved this song and identify with most of the lyrics. All Marina wants, I want, I must be a Primadonna girl.

MIKA – We Are Golden

Mika, the perfect upbeat and you know: We are golden, nothing else matters 😉

Until next post! (Or not)

It’s my birthday!


Sin título-1.jpg

It’s my birthday! I’m turning 25, my first quarter of a century! It’s a big deal, or so I’m feeling it… Well I’m going to make a list of 25 random facts about my self, why? Because I don’t know what else to do:

1- When I cut my finger nails I always skip the the ring finger an leave it for the last
2- There are certain things I don’t drink/eat just because I don’t like the name they have
3- When I’m sewing I hate my tiny waist. I love it the rest of the time
4- I have a song for almost everyone and every situation
5- I don’t like how I look with straight hair

6- I have no hope in getting a job in what I want (Because I didn’t studied in a place with teacher that help students getting a job)
7- I’ve composed the soundtrack of my latest short film and I have no idea of music.
8- I got my first kiss at 23 and I laugh a lot. Those things normally doesn’t happen to me (The kisses, not the laughing)
9- I’m a master in drawing wood texture, not matter what media
10- I love using Illustrator  and a friend named me “The Queen of Illustrator”
11- I really like to party, and I don’t party for real since I don’t remember well. I’ll propably die if I don´t go soon.

11- I have the knees injured since I’m 14 years old
12- I got the injured riding a bike to aerobic class
13- I think that in my family we are all kinda handsome
14- I’ve always thought that if I made I film it would probably look like Django Unchained, but in a pink tone
15- The number of my locker in last year of college was the 69. Since then it´s my favourite number

16- This list is being harder than I thought
17- I wear my hair short since I’m 14. That was also the time it became curly I still don’t know how
18- I always write my english post in the Google translator. But I write them in english directly. I do this because I don’t want to have orthographic mistakes
19- My mom in now baking me and apple pie. My favorite one
20- I never finished my first year of primary school because I lived in Africa and in the middle of the school year I moved back to Spain

21- Yellow is my favourite color
22- I never write the word “first” correctly on the first try. I always have to write it twice
23- I don´t like Facebook but I think it’s really useful
24- I have a “twerk day” once I week with my sister Clara. Sister that twerk together stay together
25- I have an imaginary mascot. He’s a chicken alien.

And that’s all for today!

See you in the next post! (or not)