It’s my birthday!


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It’s my birthday! I’m turning 25, my first quarter of a century! It’s a big deal, or so I’m feeling it… Well I’m going to make a list of 25 random facts about my self, why? Because I don’t know what else to do:

1- When I cut my finger nails I always skip the the ring finger an leave it for the last
2- There are certain things I don’t drink/eat just because I don’t like the name they have
3- When I’m sewing I hate my tiny waist. I love it the rest of the time
4- I have a song for almost everyone and every situation
5- I don’t like how I look with straight hair

6- I have no hope in getting a job in what I want (Because I didn’t studied in a place with teacher that help students getting a job)
7- I’ve composed the soundtrack of my latest short film and I have no idea of music.
8- I got my first kiss at 23 and I laugh a lot. Those things normally doesn’t happen to me (The kisses, not the laughing)
9- I’m a master in drawing wood texture, not matter what media
10- I love using Illustrator  and a friend named me “The Queen of Illustrator”
11- I really like to party, and I don’t party for real since I don’t remember well. I’ll propably die if I don´t go soon.

11- I have the knees injured since I’m 14 years old
12- I got the injured riding a bike to aerobic class
13- I think that in my family we are all kinda handsome
14- I’ve always thought that if I made I film it would probably look like Django Unchained, but in a pink tone
15- The number of my locker in last year of college was the 69. Since then it´s my favourite number

16- This list is being harder than I thought
17- I wear my hair short since I’m 14. That was also the time it became curly I still don’t know how
18- I always write my english post in the Google translator. But I write them in english directly. I do this because I don’t want to have orthographic mistakes
19- My mom in now baking me and apple pie. My favorite one
20- I never finished my first year of primary school because I lived in Africa and in the middle of the school year I moved back to Spain

21- Yellow is my favourite color
22- I never write the word “first” correctly on the first try. I always have to write it twice
23- I don´t like Facebook but I think it’s really useful
24- I have a “twerk day” once I week with my sister Clara. Sister that twerk together stay together
25- I have an imaginary mascot. He’s a chicken alien.

And that’s all for today!

See you in the next post! (or not)

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