Work hard!…In a real direction

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Hey People! (and welcome to me muffin friend who I didn’t know read this (yay another woman to the ranks!)) I have a question for all of you:
How do you keep reading this pile of mumbling of continuous crying and constant deception? I really admire (and thank) you.
Well it has reached my eyes that some of my dearest readers where left quite worried because of my las post and I came to assure you people! I am recovered (now you might think I live on and emotional roller coaster, that changes really fast, well I have been like that but I think that I’m settling down, nothing like confronting and embracing reality) (you might still think that parting from my last week state I couldn’t possibly be recovered I must tell you I’m emotionally easily recovered, really easy).

It also helps that spring is coming, I’m also a summer lover, so I can go to the beach, my tan has started going on, I might not be going to Annecy but instead I’m going to the Canary Islands with my best friend, I’m goin to publish in a fanzine… so we might say things are starting to come out.
So in this new “stage” I bring out all my skills and I design patterns, I sew custom prom and wedding dresses, I’m not afraid of freelancing and I’ve opened a Society6 shop! (This is probably the best page on all the internet! YOU CAN GET SHOWER CURTAINS WITH MY DESIGNS ON THEM) (ISN’T THAT AMAZING?????) (Even I would buy them, despite I hate shower curtains))

The last post was so depressing (But true) and I remember writing in in a “hangover” mode so I’m not really sure what I wrote and I’ve been willing to delete it, but I’ve been to busy doing more interesting things, so when I finish this one I’m going to modify it, because they are some things I really don’t need know running around the internet, and as Edna Mode would say: “I try to not look in to the past, it distracts me from the future”. And some of those things kinda distract me so I don’t want them there, if you read it, yay you! if not, sorry you are late! jajajajaj
So know I go back to work! Thanks for being there and you know!
Until next post! (or not)

PS: Remember how last post I complained because of the fact that that I was stuck in 99 followers on FB? I GOT TO THE 100! If it has been one of you thanks! And if not, you can keep help me rising that number here!



Work hard!… for what??

desperate copia.JPG
This is supposed to be a desperate face. In case you are doubting.

Hello my beloved readers here we are another day, ready to talk about me.
So I’ve always been a quite motivated and positive person (all thought some people think the contrary because of my strong sense of reality which could be taken as negativity). Even in the darkest situations I’ve been able to take my mind to a better place where it’s always sunny, I think that power is in us, just that not everyone knows how to use.

So as you know it’s been a lot of time since I’m stuck in my parents kitchen looking for a job without any success, and I’ve been dealing with it quite well until the last two, three…¿? months. In that period of time I’ve cried more than in the other 288/9 months of my live, why? because everything I try fails. I put a lot of effort and passion and for what? it seems that for nothing, I spent 4 months working on a short film that wasn’t liked, I was going to start  a travel blog but the trip (which I was dreaming to go on, and had be planning for two months) on which it was going to be going around, fell off yesterday, get to a 100 followers (at least) on my FB art page, not happening (stuck in 99, wanna collaborate?) and a whole other bunch of stuff (getting a job include, but the topic might be getting a bit trite)!

Joining my lack of triumph in the “laboral world” we have to add the lack of human support, and in this I totally exclude my family! (with out them, this would be even worse), but in life someone (at least I) needs various groups of people. We could divide the two basic groups in to family and friends (there is also a third group that involves class/work mates) and ok, I’ve got the family and I’ve got the friends but when you spend two years of your live out (I went to study to another city) of a group of friends that had been together that time when you get back you might feel a bit…out, why? because people change and evolve, but they have done it together so they have their well founded customs, jokes…which you are not familiarized with. And it doesnt matter if you’ve seem them every vacation you went back to town or spoke with them weekly! It’s just not the same, so you try to fit in but you have also changed, and even though they are amazing friends and people, you are just no one of them completely, they will always have a deeper connection between them that the one they will ever have with you.

Then I have my friends from the other city (the one I studied for two years) of course I keep in touch with them and enjoy talking with them but whatsapp conversations are not enough to me, I’m and old-fashion person when it comes to relationships.
But well I suppose distance brings things in to place and as sad as it is we have to deal with it, you must try to keep fighting for relationships you think they are worth it, but as an old friend used to say “Two can’t if one doesn’t want”, and keep going.

So to wrap up this post (which might have seemed a bit disjointed) what I want to say is that I want to go back to my old self, the one that was always happy and cheering up everyone, the one that was starving for new projects and daily adventures, the one that had faith, and as reality and other things are settling down, no matter how “ugly” you know what to deal with and go against it joyful and straightforward, and I everyone says that that in the end everything finds its place.
So time to finish, I’m going to exercise a bit and you know what comes now…
Until next post! (or not)

PS: I this post has no sense, is totally disconnected and is full of mistakes, please forgive me bit I’ve been sailing since yesterday and now that I’m on firm land I totally dizzy as if I were still sailing. It’s something normal after a long period on the sea 🙂

Maria’s musical Friday! (On Sunday)

viernes musicales copia

Sorry people! I have accidentally skipped two Musical Fridays which I was dying to share with you guys, but circumstances got a bien in the way! So today we have…CHAN CHAN…MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAY (on Sunday)

Café Quijano – Será (Vida de Hombre)

So this is one of those songs I feel a bit bad sharing them with you because it’s in Spanish, but! This one has nothing to do with the lyrics or anything! It’s just because of the love of music.
Lots of people in Spain know this group (Café Quijano) don’t don’t know this “Bolero phase” they are (on fortune) going through. As I have commented a couple of times here, I like a wide range of musical styles, but “boleros” have been on of my faves lately and this guys have released 3 Bolero albums and they are great, I’ve listened to the first one a hundred times, buto on fortune I don’t know all the songs so the other day I came across this wonderful masterpiece. Enjoy.

Boats and Birds-Gregory and the Hawk (cover by Tessa Violet)

This second song is also a discovery! It’s a cover but it looks a lot like the original, and well it’s too beautiful not to be shared. Simple and effective.

Bonnie McKee – Wasted Youth

Ok and the third one is not just for the sake of sharing, this one sticks to the MMF’s tradition of songs I relate for what goes around at that time in that current time.
“They say youth is wasted, wasted on the young” (not all the young thanks God) wasted mostly by indecision, laziness and a bunch of other silly things.

I know I wrote about it a couple of post ago so I’m not going to go over it all over again, but tragic events of the weekend make me think of this things all over and reinforce the idea that I’m not going to life my live waiting for things to happen or come along, so with Bonnie Mckee’s “Wasted youth” good vibes, I say goodbye I’m going to make some sport because my but is starting to flat down and I need to burn all the energy I have inside today. Ciao!

Until the next post! (Or not)


A “To do” list (sort of)



#1 Get a job in whatever
#2 Kiss someone that’s worth the shame
#3 Travel alone
#4 Travel with people (more often I mean)
#5 Master light (in my paintings)
#6 Get to do armstand
#7 Appear in a movie as an extra (preferably a historical one)
#8 Move to my own apartment and decorated as ever I want
#9 Own a closet just for shoes
#10 Open a night club
#11 Sing in a band
#12 Work as a DJ for a while
#13 Be an avid speaker
#14 Learn to surf/kitesurf
#15 Have all the knickers in my drawer made by myself

Maria’s Musical Fridays!

viernes musicales copia

Today, I woke up and did something that I didn’t do since I came back to Malaga 7 months ago and it’s something as simple as waking up and listened to music in bed, nothing else.It has been sooo relaxing and good…and made me remember that I had let you without your musical selection for the week! son here it is (a day after) MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAYS! YAAAAYY

This week in a nostalgic (but good) way, inspired in my dad (because the other day we had one of those father-daughter moments) so here go three songs that will always report me back to my father! (actually the first one I didn’t know, but my dad was playing it the other day)

Father and Son – Cat Stevens

Well you know, it’s like a basic message from a father to a son/daughter, it should have a “fill in…” part so each father  could put it specific words for his “little ones”.

The House of the Rising Sun-The Animals

This is my dad’s favourite song, and actually showed me how to play it with the guitar a long time ago, so yeah, it’s my father song.
Note: I had never seen the looks of this guys, but they are like a mix between The Beatles and Spock (I so feel like drawing them)

Sultans of swing- Dire Straits

And finally but not least! Dire Straits! his favourite band of all times! (Mark Knopfler is his favourite guitar player too). Sultans of swing… their insignia song, a classic… my dad has a great musical taste.

Until next post! (or not)

Sugar, spice and everything nice! (Strawberry liqueur recipe #1)

bottle copia.jpg

So I remember in the first post saying that maybe recipes might come along (just like any other thing) and also that in a post written with a garter belt on my hips and a strawberry cocktail on my hand that I was working on my own strawberry mixology-drink. I figured out that the best way to start would be finding a good Strawberry liqueur. Searched: Not found anywhere around. Solution: Make your own.

The Internet is full of things and between all those things there are a lot of liquor recipes, so after reading a big bunch of them, arranged my own recipe. In my opinion it’s quite good, not perfect thought but comes really close to what I was looking for, so here it is!

1/2 K Strawberries (Clean, without leaves and cut in half)
1/2 L Vodka
1 orange zest shavings

3 glasses of water
3 glasses of white sugar


In an hermetic glass bottle pour in the strawberries, vodka, orange shavings and mint.
Keep the bottle in a dark place for 3 weeks. Take it out once a week to shake it (if one of the weeks there is an earthquake, that will do too) (at least it did for me). I highly recommend you not to try it at this point, it’s really disgusting (but if you are a curious person like myself I know you will omit my suggestion, well done)

After those three weeks, pour the mix through a colander and a clean cloth, to get a clean liquid.
Meanwhile in a pot heat the water and sugar until the last one has dissolved and add it to the first mix. Back to the hermetic bottle, let it cool for a while and back to the dark room for two weeks and after that voilá! you’ve got yourself your very own homemade Strawberry liqueur!

Until next post! (or not)