Hello, good morning thank you, at the end of the hallway…and other phrases repeated through the weekend


Hello people! I’m alive! sorry for my lack of post (and Musical Fridays…I have a hole in my soul because of this) but I’ve been really occupied and since today I woke up without voice (this that happen when you stand in front of a door with the cold air flowing distributing flyers and after that go and have a delicious mojito and an ice cream) I’m going to tell you a bit of what’s going up lately.

Well the door thing might have given you a clue about what I’ve been doing, yes, I’VE BEEN WORKING, what in? you might as, well as a hostess in an International osteoporosis Congress. Yayyyy!
The congress has gone quite well, I’ve meet a lot of people and of course got the opportunity to take advantage of things I was given (like a smile, lovely blue eyes, and the capacity of standing 8 hours in high heels as is nothing happened) to earn some money (and leave my parents kitchen for a while) yayyyy!!

I actually don’t have much more to tell about the congress, just that I’ve enjoyed and look forward for more job calls!
Life is really curious, as you know it’s already been 3 months since my last job (Nespresso, illustrator, Christmas…rings a bell?). So after three months crying around and blah blah (you read this, you know all the ups and downs) two days after I got the call for this job from a Malaga’s hostess agency I get a call from the agency that hired me back in Christmas…offering me ANOTHER JOB. Yes people, it’s also a congress (this time it’s a pharmacy one) for the next, so yeah three months of drought and now 2 jobs in 2 weeks!.
So yeah, basically next week I’m congressing again, this time I’ll be alone (this past weekend I’ve had 69 teammates) and I still don`t know what I’ll do, but I suppose it won’t be difficult, we will see!
Until next post! (or not)


My latest discoveries!

Well I’ve been thinking the whole weekend how I have accidentally skipped (again) the MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAY, and how I hate doing that section a day that section a day that is not Friday, but this week I had a really awesome song that I wanted to share with you guys so I was in a bit of a conflict.

I was this afternoon with my Nathan Fowkes background class and showed us an amazing artist and I felt the need of showing someone, which I haven’t. So I’ve decide to write today about those things that have come across me this week and that I have found really inspiring or whatever, so grab on and lets start!


The other day, a woman asked me on my FB Page, where she could buy prints of my artwork, and since I have never thought of the (real) possibility of someone wanting to do that I wasn’t really prepared. So! I remembered Society6, I knew they did this kind of stuff (I mean print your artwork so people can buy it) and immediately went over and created an account. My surprise came when I saw that not only did they printed your art on canvas or similar, they also sid the typical t-shirts, mugs…BUT! the also put your art on rugs, mobile cases, pillows, bed cover, SHOWERS CURTAINS!!!! Who would have ever thought my art could possibly be turn in to all those stuff! SHOWER CURTAINS people!!! I’ve always hated those stuff, but I would definitely buy now with my art on it!

Leggings and shower curtains?? Two things I would have never imagined…

As they say in Society6:

“Every puchase pays and artist”



We love Disney album

Next thing! The We love Disney CD (I haven’t made any investigations about the subject, what I say I what I’ve deduced by what I see) that it seems to be an album released last year with classic (and not so classic) Disney songs sang by artist such as Jason Derulo, Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly… the are quite good versions (some of them are so similar to the originals that wouldn’t deserve to be called versions, but they are all nicely sung).
My personal favourite? Never had a friend like me, by NE-YO.

It seems that Youtube artist have done the same (I actually came across this one first) I don’t really like them as much, but there is one I totally love and find the most original of all, and it’s Tessa Violet’s (yes, here she is again) I wanna be like you.

Mika French singing

I really love Mika, I love how he sings, his elegance, his lyrics, his face, and everything, but I had no idea that he had songs in French! So this week I’ve come across Boum boum boum…and it has totally been the song of the week, please enjoy (and the video is quite interesting too)

And another one 😉

Scott Willis

Great inspiration for backgrounds!

Sigue el tablero Scott Wills de Maria en Pinterest.

Value studies

In my Nathan Fowkes class from today, the assignment was to grab 12 images from films, other art pieces, pictures… and bring them down to 3 light values (values can vary from image to image), when he has sent the assignment it didn’t sound very fun, BUT! I have totally loved them and have found them terribly useful, to understand certain things when creating your art (I’m telling you, the Schoolism one year subscription is a good place to spend your money in).
I’m totally going to keep doing this type of exercices, they don’t take me long and I hace ease with light simplification, so here I leave you a little selection of what I made today!

Well I’m tired, it’s late and it’s been a very productive day, I also have my butt sunburned and I have to shower, so you know what comes now…
Until next post! (or not)