Maria’s Musical Fridays!

viernes musicales copia

I can’t even remember when was the last MMF! (I know I could look for it at the blog’s archive, but I don’t really feel like) So let’s stop all the chit chat and let’s get to it!

This past week I’ve been on McFLY mode. I like this group almost from the beginning (actually after Busted splitted) and they have been one of my favourite bands since then. I’ve been listening all their albums, watching documentaries after luch (I normally the ones I see are the Mayday series or Nazis) (I love World War II stories) (I love story in general), so in resume, I’ve been fangirl mode and that’s why this week we are going to dedicate this MMF to the british band!
(PS: Have you seen how well fits adulthood some people?)

That girl

OK! So this was the song that got me into Mcfly, I still love it after all this years. I remember how I totally LOVED Danny Jones (the brunette singer) (I love his hair, his guitar solo, his looks, I thought he was really sexy), I also remember how I thought that Tom (the blond singer) looked like The Albino from Princess Bride (Sorry Tom, now I think you look like the most adorable dad in the world and that adulthood has made really good too).
I also remember I learned to play this song with the guitar and that I performed it in front of my family one New Years Eve… o what times… ENJOY THE SONG BECAUSE IT’S STILL AWESOME.

All about you

One of my top 3 favourite song of the world. I think it needs no more presentation.

And last! It’s been too difficult, because I like almost all their songs Smile (the song I used for my first short film), Party Girl, Walk in the Sun, Love is easy…. too many!
I finally chose this lovely acoustic version where you can see the absolutly stunning guitar domain of Danny and Tom, plus the song has a je ne sais quoi, and their suits??? no comment, just enjoy.

Well and that’s all for the week!
Until next post! (Or not)


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