Maria’s Musical Fridays! (On an actual Friday)

viernes musicales copia

And MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAY is back! Today I have a little dilemma…on one hand I have great musical discoveries this week…and on the other hand tonight it’s karaoke night…and they exist some karaoke classics…what to do???? To be or not to be! Meh! What the hell! Let’s go for the Karaoke option full of shabby options that will bring you a mix of displeasure and pleasure at the same time!

And also Facebook told me yesterday that it had been two years since the first time I went to a Karaoke and it’s going to be a great space to remember that night! Let’s get to it!

Sambame- Upa Dance

Let’s me get in abuela cebolleta mode: So as I said, two years ago in my beloved Madrid, with my beloved Kazooalidadeswe decided to go to a Karaoke and after a quest through the capital’s streets, we finally found were to place the egg. And what did we sing? Please, delight yourself…

Pega la vuelta- Pimpinela

The second time I went to the Karaoke, was like a month ago, with to good old friends, and we had an excellent time  at the sound of….

Touch-a toucha toucha touch me-Glee

And we get now to today! And definitely the song I would sing is this one! Why? I don’t know now it has a really playful and dramatic sense to it, it’s perfect to tease around the audience, plus! It goes great with my voice.

La otra cara de Vanexxa- Vanexxa (Bonus track)

And this week I must add a bonus track that responds to the original idea of the MMF. I don’t have a lizard, instead I have a skeleton, and I don’t like girls, but the rest is pretty much it 😉 Vanexxa…ain’t se a great artist? I know she’s one of the last artist you would expect me listening to but yet, who knows me for a while, knows she’s one of my favorite artist.

Well and that’s everything for today! Bye!

Until the next post! (or not)


Maria’s Musical Fridays!

viernes musicales copia

So after a lot of months of silence *drum roll*MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAY is back! (On Sunday) (I actually had it ready on Friday but I needed to do the super cool gif that you see below, which I’ll use to explain the core of this MMF).

Isn`t it awesome???

So if you’ve read the last post (if you haven’t you have some homework to do) I’ve been going to salsa classes, and everyday I’m closer to my  caribbean genes (A couple of great grand parents were from far far away). Who’s leg am I trying to pull?… I’ve actually been getting closer to them way before salsa classes (who remembers Twerk days with my lil sis?).

So well! The thing is that yesterday I was preparing to work out a bit, ok? And I normally listen to latin music for the warm out, and of course…I could not help it…man the rhythm caught me…AS ALWAYS.

I can’t help it I hear music and immediately have to start dancing and yesterday I felt very very happy, because I was in front on my bedroom mirror, and I saw it…I got my hips totally dissociates! Yayyyyy (I know it might seem strange, but listen to this, if you want to twerk properly, you need to have a pair of nice independent hips) I FINALLY MADE IT! I’ve not only partied hard, I’ve dance a lot whenever I had a chance, and I wasn’t really conscious because I just dance for fun, but I’m always trying new moves, so when I get them right I feel exultant, so for that reason I made you this gif to celebrate and three songs for you to dance a long!

And now for the music! Three version of pop songs with the latin taste they need it. Let’s get started!

Chandelier (Bachata)-Sia

Chandelier…bachata version? Yes people, this things happen. I remember it was a rainy day and I was buying a chicken with my family and this song was on the radio, so when I arrived home I searched for it and I must say I liked it waaaaaay more than the original (sorry Sia).  So clear your bedroom and star warming up for what it is to come. 

All of me (Bachata)- John Legend

I’m sure you’ve heard this song a big amount of times, and I have to confess I don’t really like the original one, but come on had some bachata beats and you get one of the sexiest songs around…Even though bachata might seem a bit difficult at the begging because you dance really  close to your partner, once you get the rhythm and you are in harmony with your partner…with out comments…please grab someone and go with the flow.

Más Macarena- Gente de zona ft. Los del Río

And the last song, to speed up a bit, totally one of the summer favorites, a version of the 90’s classic La Macarena, by Los del Río, but updated.

Apart from the song’s makeover, have you seen the VIDEO???? Isn’t it great! Filmed in Cuba, a place I must visit in a near time) look at the colors, the architecture, the life…everything! Well I’m not going to keep talking because you’ve gotta keep dancing!

Until the next post! (or not)

No idea on how to title this

This drawing has a Moderna de 

Hi everyone! It`s been waaay to long since my last post! I know and I`m sorry! But I’ve always had the blog in mind (pinky swear), but I haven`t had time to sit down and write. I`ve also been thinking I want give a twist on the blog, no that I have a job I don`t really need a blog in which to cry about that I don`t have a job so we need a new subject!

I`ve decide I`m going to post about whatever a want, and when I say whatever I mean WHATEVER. What I want to say is that I have my art sites were I show my art and very few sights of other things… but sometimes I would like to post about other things that are important for me (like sewing for example) and I don`t post about it because by the moment I intend to make a living of my art and not my sewing (maybe in a (not) near future that might change) (One never knows)

So here I suppose I`ll post about my sewing projects, my salsa classes, my trips, music and a big list of themes that will come along, the thing is I don’t really want to abandon this (I know someone who would kill me if I did).

So for this comeback post I think I should tell you a bit about what I’ve been up to lately!

Well as I said in one of the last post, I got a job at Freepik (number one on free graphic resources) five months ago, and I must say that generally I like it.

Of course it has its swings and roundabouts, but in general terms I like it. I feel really comfortable with the people I have around in the office and I also have the opportunity of doing a different thing every day.

I work in the tutorial department, and my main commitment is to create tutorials for the blog. But! We also have extern artist making tutorials, and if the come in Spanish, for example, I have to translate them and dub them, I also have to add headers to the videos, write intros, and fix other stuff, so as you see, I have a wide variety of tasks to develop. The only complain I could have is that my department is really small…we are only two. Which means that I am the only working bloke and I have to manage everything by myself without any help (the other department member is the Art director, a.k.a the Boss).

But well on the other hand I’m making really good friends, having fun and being useful to humanity, that it’s basically one of the things I wanted. Oh! And the company is also paying me a dubbing course, which is something really awesome, I’ve only had one class, son I don’t have much to tell, but I suppose I will in the future.

I’m also going to salsa class! I loooooooooove to dance and now that I work, I can afford it (Money might not make you happy, but God knows it helps A LOT) So yeah, there I am banging my feet every Friday! At the begging I was horribly stiff and without a hint of caribeñismo.

It’s been two months already since I’ve started and I not saying I am Vanessa Williams at Dance with me (even thought my friend Lorena says my dance videos, resemble to the movie…I wish) (that is a good friend) but I’ve improved quite a lot, I still have to work out my caribeñismo, but I’m way less stiff that at the begging. I`ll probably talk about this way more in the future, because I have a couple of anecdotes to tell and if you are lucky enough I might even share a class video 😉

What else…let’s see umm, Oh I know! Have you seen Stranger Things?? BEST TV SHOW EVER, man! I`ve love it so much that I would watch it over and over again. On the other hand I’m giving Game of Thrones a chance… and I must say that it’s the most boring tv show ever… let`s move to another topic.

Last week I went to Rome! Yayyyy traveling!! I went with some college friends and other people (we were 9, it wasn’t as crazy as it could have been). I really enjoyed the experience, I must say that I had the sensation that I was in Spain most of the time. First of all because the streets resembled to my beloved Madrid (Come on, the Trastevere is Malasaña but with smaller bars) and also, people there don’t want you to speak in English with them, they prefer you to speak Spanish and they respond in Italian, and it’s totally as if you were talking the same language (actually it’s easier than understanding certain Spaniards…).

Well if I have to choose something from that trip (remember this is just a compilation, for more updates, wait for another post that could not come) (Don’t hate me) it would definitely be the San Peter basilica. There are no words to describe that place, how could men construct such wonder? With the help of God, I cannot find any other explanation! I consider myself a difficult crier but I confess I CRIED of emotion, so imagine the magnificent of the place, I sadly couldn’t stay as much as I’ve wished.

And another thing that caught my attention was the Coliseum complex guys have at night clubs, and I don’t mean they get all encouraged-gladiator mode trying to impress you with its strength or something like that, no… what I mean is that they see a group of girls having fun dancing in a circle, and the only thing the come up with is to surround that group of ladies, creating a layer as is they were the Coliseum. And I also must say that you tell them to leave, and they DON’T! That’s a problem I’ve never had here in Spain, Olé los zagales españoles!

Ok ,next topic: Inktober

This time I was really committed, I even made my own sketchbook specially for the occasion, and I did quite well! Until I went to Rome…It’s the year I’ve gone more far away, but failed in the end… But I must say I intend to finish the project, because the topic and the result was coming out cool. I was drawing places I would like to visit some time, so you know.

And well the end of the post is coming, and it’s Friday, this post is not going to be complete without a song, because you know what happens on Fridays… MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAYS! It`s not goin to be MMF post, so I’m just sharing with you a song (but what a song). With you! Dreams by Tessa Violet! (My summer so relates to this song)

Well I’m a bit tired of writing this post (sounds like the good old days) (I must confess I’ve been writing this post in office hours, each time I had some empty minutes and it’s taken me 3 days, too much for my body).

So I going to try (Do or not do there is no try, Yoda) to be more regular on my writing, I don’t promise anything! But I’ll do my best!

Until next post! (or not)