Maria’s Musical Fridays! (On an actual Friday)

viernes musicales copia

And MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAY is back! Today I have a little dilemma…on one hand I have great musical discoveries this week…and on the other hand tonight it’s karaoke night…and they exist some karaoke classics…what to do???? To be or not to be! Meh! What the hell! Let’s go for the Karaoke option full of shabby options that will bring you a mix of displeasure and pleasure at the same time!

And also Facebook told me yesterday that it had been two years since the first time I went to a Karaoke and it’s going to be a great space to remember that night! Let’s get to it!

Sambame- Upa Dance

Let’s me get in abuela cebolleta mode: So as I said, two years ago in my beloved Madrid, with my beloved Kazooalidadeswe decided to go to a Karaoke and after a quest through the capital’s streets, we finally found were to place the egg. And what did we sing? Please, delight yourself…

Pega la vuelta- Pimpinela

The second time I went to the Karaoke, was like a month ago, with to good old friends, and we had an excellent time  at the sound of….

Touch-a toucha toucha touch me-Glee

And we get now to today! And definitely the song I would sing is this one! Why? I don’t know now it has a really playful and dramatic sense to it, it’s perfect to tease around the audience, plus! It goes great with my voice.

La otra cara de Vanexxa- Vanexxa (Bonus track)

And this week I must add a bonus track that responds to the original idea of the MMF. I don’t have a lizard, instead I have a skeleton, and I don’t like girls, but the rest is pretty much it 😉 Vanexxa…ain’t se a great artist? I know she’s one of the last artist you would expect me listening to but yet, who knows me for a while, knows she’s one of my favorite artist.

Well and that’s everything for today! Bye!

Until the next post! (or not)


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