Maria’s Musical Friday!

viernes musicales copia

It’s Friday! So you know… MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAY! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (This weekend I’m planning a reflexional post, those you like so much) (Hola Hulia!) (and others) (sorry if you are tired of MMF) (I’m not).

Well today three new musical discoveries thanks to my workmate Silvia! *Hail Silvia!*

Bomba estereo ft Will Smith- Fiesta

First! Bomba Estereo with the great Will Smith! Fiesta, what a rhythm, don’t you just need to dance to it????

Apart from my need for dance and party I don’t really relate much to this song, so I don’t have much to say. Enjoy!

Soha- Mil Pasos

Youtube, that sometime is clever, suggested me this song after the first one, it doesn’t say much but once again, doesn’t it invite you to dance close?

Daniel Santacruz- Lento

And another Youtube suggestion, this a Kizomba song, this “new” musical genre that I don’t want to repeat myself so read the previous description… What a rhythm…What a DANCE!!! Have you seen how those two move together?? I’m searching for a volunteer. Vacancys are open 😉

Until next post! (Or not)


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