The person in charge (a.k.a the “about” section)


yo copia

So, time to talk about me (like in almost all the other post).
My name is Maria and I’m about a quarter of a century and still not working even though I’m more than prepared.
Graduated in Fine Arts and specialised in 2D animation an Illustration and have also done a few pattern drafting and sewing courses, so I’m constantly debating between becoming a concept artist or a lingerie designer, time will say.

I’m totally in love with Mexico and my love for everything mexican is increasing: Tequila, rancheras, burritos, mexican folklore and imagery… I also love the sea (sailing, surfing, scuba diving…), although my knees are constantly injured I enjoy making sport, I longboard, play the ukulele, cooking (I aspire to be a good as my mum in the kitchen) (she is the best between stoves), when I write I use a ridiculous amount of parentheses (but I suppose that that is one of the things that make me me) (That “me me” looks weird, but I think it´s correct), I do a lot of things more (I think I must be one of the persons with more hobbies in the world).

I’m also a very musical person, my musical culture is tremendously varied and extensive. I like to communicate through songs and I have a song for almost everyone and every situation (no matter how strange, insignificant or whatever it is, I´m sure to have a song for it).
I also suck writing endings (heredity from my dad) so I’ll finish with a song that could define myself maybe a bit frivolously but I think it works quite well with my persona.


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