If Marilyn knew!

zapatos copia.jpg“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe

So, you know that sensation when you have been studying for very very long, you make the exam, write down all you know and after fell super relieved and like you don’t want to do anything else? well that’s a bit what happened to me last Monday (remeber I was waiting for a Freepik call?) and that’s why I kicked in the butt my promise of writing on Monday and went out to buy a new pair of red shoes.

Let’s go step by step:
-What was the call about?:
You are not going to believe (because it took me awhile to believe it myself) BUT! chan chan chan I FINALLY GOT A REAL JOB! you know? In a super cool office (In the first picture, the “where things happen” that’s going to be my office) (yes the one with the hammocks) (the are putting in a whole new computer, desk and recording equipment at this moment) , whith a salary, a timetable, WORK MATES… man! when I got off the phone with the lady I totally burst in to tears, I could not believe it, so much effort, this whole year suffering and fighting and I made! By myself! I had assumed that I wouldn’t get a job without someones help, but I DID, and that makes me super proud and also makes me happy thinking that this can give you hope if you don`t have contacts (don’t get me wrong, most people I know who got in with the help of a contact deserved it, and I’ll help who needs it if I can, but come on! achieving those things by yourself?! That’s too awesome)

-Why shoes?
Why not? First of all I love shoes, second I needed a new pair for my new JOB (wow this is never going to get old) and third once in a while a gal needs a treat (and come on people! I totally earne it)

And what now? Well I start in a week (Monday 20th) I’m going to give the best that I can and a bit more, of course I’ll keep trying to get into cinema business (that’s what I studied for) and I’ll keep working as a hostess once in a while (you know “me va la marcha”) but only on the ones that are compatible with my real job and the ones I like (like last week) (goodbye black suits and ponytails).
I would like to make a vkspdl drksrwr and maybe a vjdpl drksrwr (I prefer to keep it secret in case I don’t feel like doing it) about my working experience.

And meanwhile I keep flirting with the video world, playing around and I’m starting to be very in to it so I recorded the process of my latest background for you to see and maybe get inspired! Enjoy!

Byt he way! what I’m going to do in Freepik is work hand by hand with the Art Director on all the tutorial stuff, recruting, editing, dubbing all the videos (as my dad says I’m going to be known as “The Freepik voice”), working on the blog… in the future I’ll probably do graphic resources, but by the moment just tutorial (which if I have to be sincere I prefer by know). And so that is all for today, I’ll keep updating about the “Freepik world” and you know waht comes next!
Until next post! (or not)


I’m alive

                                             mano copia

So hello people! With this horrible interpretation of a Saul Bass poster I shout to you that I’M ALIVE!

So I know it’s been A LOT since the last time I wrote around here, don’t even remember! wait a sec, and let me check the date… HOLY GUACAMOLE April 17th! almost two months! Man what a bad host I am! But people! I’ve been so occupied lately! I’ll try to keep up this thing more often so I don’t have to write gigantic post!

(A little aside comment before going into the real subject. I’ve been over reading the blog and man! This thing is quite interesting! No wonder so of you desperately call for more!)

So let’s pick up where we left it, which is at the EAACI congress. Ok so after that I want to spend a week to the Canary Islands with my good old friend Naomi. We went for an Animation Festival “Animayo” which was a really revealing and embracing experience, man! all the speakers where soooo passionate, interesting and so generous with their experiences and livings, I came bakt to Malaga with the batteries fully charged and so motivated with hundreds of ideas. It’s been a really mind changing/opening. I hope that whatever you are into (animation, medicine…) you get the chance to come across with this type of people. That week I also took care (or so I hope) of some other things I have going around which I’m not going to talk here, who has to know it, knows it (y lo sabes) (Hulia and co.).

Ok, after that I got a call from one of the hostess agencies I’m in for a 6 day promotion (3 days/2 weeks) which was terribly boring, long and pointless, but well good money came in with it (and a very cool mug) (bacause I was promoting cups from a bank) (as you know I always get the most weird jobs), actually there isn’t much to tell about this (and a bit also because it goes in conflict to my purpose “don’t speak bad of people” and well, no comments) (If you ask me in person I’ll totally tell you).

And so we get in this week! The week I finally get a hostess job that is actually interesting and non-boring!!! I was called (just for an afternoon) to be a “Beer tasting assistant”, and no, I wasn´t called to taste beers, I just served the different beers, open bottles, and throw away glasses… basically like being a waitress, yaehhhhhh all this crying about bartendering and stuff payed of! I learned a couple of things about beer, I had a nice looking partner (a bit dumb, but good looking). When we finished and cleaned everything we got to take some beer home and everything really entertaining.

So as you see things are coming in to place finally! BUT! There is more! yes people THE NEWS *drum roll* I FINALLY REALLY GOT A JOB RELATED WITH ART. I actually don’t believe it yet, and it’s been a month already.

Of course it’s not a normal job (it’s in a graphic design studio) and what I do is video tutorials for their blog. This week came out the first one and it seems it works quite well.
I suppose you expect something very long about it but they told me the other day that the head of Mrketing is going to call me with good news (they told me this on Friday, and have no clue what it could be about…son imagine my nerves…) well I’m going tho save all the artistic job thing for a new post tomorrow (In the hope of having something new and exciting to tell). So you will have to wait until tomorrow, sorry! and my grandparents have just arived and I have to tell them all about the job and stuff son I sadly have to abandon you for today! But I’ll be good and leave you the link yo my first video 😉 (you know, give it a thumbs up)

Until next post! (or not)

My first artistic job. Yayyy me!

trabajos copia

The sooner I write it the sooner I get it, what? you might ask: A JOB. Yes people! last Tuesday I was writing the “about” section and complaining about the topic and half an hour more o less after publishing it I got the awaited mail and after a few more mails crossed the job was finally mine! And so I start today! yaayyyyyy

It’s my first artistic job, but not my first job and as all of them in the past this first artistic employment isn’t really normal. And since the year is coming to the end and people are fond of making list of their year memories I´m not going to be less and I’m going to make a list on the odd jobs I have had along my life.

My first “real” job (I say “real” because it was the first that money didn’t come from any relative, because I’ve been earning my money since I was 8), came when I was 16 in a flamenco dresses (typical spanish) shop called El Rocio. I saw the announcement in the window shop and immediately got in and asked for it, after I few questions like how old was I or if I could get a partner, so I left them my number and went back home.
At 9 am of the next Saturday my mom pulled me out of the bed and put me on the phone, it was from the shop, they have hired me and that started that day in two hours. I immediately called my cousin (that was my partner in crime) and told her to come rushing to Malaga city (she lives in an near town).
We got to the shop (late), the put us the flamenco dresses and send us with a couple of banners to walk around the street. So that was my entry in the working life, all covered in ruffles with a banner walking around the streets all summer.

We took pictures with hundreds of tourist and became friend with all the human statues that work in the main street.

My second job was kinda normal, but only lasted 7 seven hours. It was a as waitress in a wedding in a big hotel. Of course I had to wear uniform and of course I spilt a tray over me, full of gazpacho to be more specific.

My next job was in a sports foundation. I had to wear a tracksuit ( which is my most hated type of outfit) and there I had different task, depending on the event some days I spoke through a mike and others I organize little gymnastic brats.

The next job was a bit…bizarre. This time I worked with my sister as a partner and we had to go around the flea market of La Costa del Sol giving hospital advertising to the tourist (it was a hospital special for them). Until here, everything fine…now comes the awkward part… we had to do it dressed as nurses… I have no comments on that. (it was a horrible job by the way).

And now we get to today! the day I finally start using my studies to earn some money!
As it couldn’t be less I have to wear a uniform: all black and classy, I don’t have problems with uniforms (as we have seen it’s my every job charge).
And what’s the job about? Well it´s for the Nespresso Christmas campaign (woaa Nespresso, that’s a big one). I’ll be sitting in a stand with a hostess that will wrap the coffee making machines and the I will have to hand draw illustrations on the paper. I’m going to feel like an artist in a signature session at a Comic Com or similar!
Well as always I don´t have much time to finish this properly, but I’ll come back (or not) with more working experieces, so by te moment.
See you in the next post! (or not)