Maria’s musical Friday! (On Sunday)

viernes musicales copia

Sorry people! I have accidentally skipped two Musical Fridays which I was dying to share with you guys, but circumstances got a bien in the way! So today we have…CHAN CHAN…MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAY (on Sunday)

Café Quijano – Será (Vida de Hombre)

So this is one of those songs I feel a bit bad sharing them with you because it’s in Spanish, but! This one has nothing to do with the lyrics or anything! It’s just because of the love of music.
Lots of people in Spain know this group (Café Quijano) don’t don’t know this “Bolero phase” they are (on fortune) going through. As I have commented a couple of times here, I like a wide range of musical styles, but “boleros” have been on of my faves lately and this guys have released 3 Bolero albums and they are great, I’ve listened to the first one a hundred times, buto on fortune I don’t know all the songs so the other day I came across this wonderful masterpiece. Enjoy.

Boats and Birds-Gregory and the Hawk (cover by Tessa Violet)

This second song is also a discovery! It’s a cover but it looks a lot like the original, and well it’s too beautiful not to be shared. Simple and effective.

Bonnie McKee – Wasted Youth

Ok and the third one is not just for the sake of sharing, this one sticks to the MMF’s tradition of songs I relate for what goes around at that time in that current time.
“They say youth is wasted, wasted on the young” (not all the young thanks God) wasted mostly by indecision, laziness and a bunch of other silly things.

I know I wrote about it a couple of post ago so I’m not going to go over it all over again, but tragic events of the weekend make me think of this things all over and reinforce the idea that I’m not going to life my live waiting for things to happen or come along, so with Bonnie Mckee’s “Wasted youth” good vibes, I say goodbye I’m going to make some sport because my but is starting to flat down and I need to burn all the energy I have inside today. Ciao!

Until the next post! (Or not)



Maria’s Musical Fridays!

viernes musicales copia

Today, I woke up and did something that I didn’t do since I came back to Malaga 7 months ago and it’s something as simple as waking up and listened to music in bed, nothing else.It has been sooo relaxing and good…and made me remember that I had let you without your musical selection for the week! son here it is (a day after) MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAYS! YAAAAYY

This week in a nostalgic (but good) way, inspired in my dad (because the other day we had one of those father-daughter moments) so here go three songs that will always report me back to my father! (actually the first one I didn’t know, but my dad was playing it the other day)

Father and Son – Cat Stevens

Well you know, it’s like a basic message from a father to a son/daughter, it should have a “fill in…” part so each father  could put it specific words for his “little ones”.

The House of the Rising Sun-The Animals

This is my dad’s favourite song, and actually showed me how to play it with the guitar a long time ago, so yeah, it’s my father song.
Note: I had never seen the looks of this guys, but they are like a mix between The Beatles and Spock (I so feel like drawing them)

Sultans of swing- Dire Straits

And finally but not least! Dire Straits! his favourite band of all times! (Mark Knopfler is his favourite guitar player too). Sultans of swing… their insignia song, a classic… my dad has a great musical taste.

Until next post! (or not)

Maria’s Musical Fridays VIII

viernes musicales copia

Hi everyone! so as you might have read, last Tuesday was my birthday, is today Friday I’ll make a themed/focused MMF! let’s start with it!

Marilyn Monroe-Runnin’ Wild (From the Some like it hot ost)

This first song was actually chosen because of the film that appears in Some like it hot.
In this film Sugar Cane (Marilyn Monroe) sais “25 years, that gives a woman to think” and since I’m 25 now and I’m really thinking alot lately well it was perfect.
I also listened to other songs from the film but the lyrics in this one was kinda perfect for me this moment.

Marina and the diamonds- Primadonna

I’m a starving right now so it’s a bit hard for me to think straight, but I’ve always loved this song and identify with most of the lyrics. All Marina wants, I want, I must be a Primadonna girl.

MIKA – We Are Golden

Mika, the perfect upbeat and you know: We are golden, nothing else matters 😉

Until next post! (Or not)

Maria´s Musical Fridays VII

viernes musicales copia

First Musical Friday from the year!!!! yayyyy. I must warn you that it might be a bit randomly composed and I don´t really know if I`ll have much to say, but you will always have great music to hear so here we go!

Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me

Are you with me from Lost Frequencies, have you heard the lyrics? Then I have nothing more to say, 80% of my wishes are reflected by those words.

The sexual revolution- La casa azul

When I made the original MMF I didn’t have to worry about songs with spanish lyrics, because my friend was actually spanish (and speaks English, Spanish, German and some Chinese) so I didn’t feel bad, but now the thing changes a bit.
On my comments before the song, if it´s in spanish I try to explain a bit the content and why I chose it, because after all it´s like the “soundtrack” of my week, and since I speak spanish (I`m spanish too, just like my friend) I include spanish songs. Sorry my beloved english readers.

But this spanish song I bring this week…has an english version!!! YAYYYY (I still prefer the spanish one, but the lyrics are quite accurate).
Sexual revolution…by La casa azul… I don’t totally relate to the lyrics…but at the same time I do, it’s depends on the sentence like for example:
“You’ve been sure of one thing for a few days,
To be right or be wrong, it’s just a phase….” total YAY (in spanish it’s slightly different and I relate best)
I had a total NAY sentence, but I have analyzed it and well I was wrong, I actually can relate quite well to this song…mostly.

La Oreja de Van Gogh – Una y Otra Vez

And now you are totally going to forgive me fellows but the SONG of the week has definitely been Una y otra vez by La Oreja de Van Gogh and yes…it’s in spanish…I´m sorry… But from the first moment I heard this song I felt it so deeply on one side in a total overreacted way but on the other in a very truly way (Like in the track of Broken Record).

I’ll tell you what the song is about:
It’s about a girl sad and alone in a bar, and a boy comes and totally cheers her up. The spend a wonderful night together dancing all cuddle up and they are like falling in love with each other but when it´s time to say goodbye they totally freak out because some stupid fears or whatevers and they say goodbye, so the gurls starts going to his door day by day gathering some guts to call the dude and tell him that he loves him, while wishing he does the same. THE END

I don’t know why but I think that this could be something that could happen to me and even maybe it already is…who knows as I said in the previous post I’m not going to let some stupid fears or preconceived ideas get in the way, by the moment let’s give time to time.

Well this has been everything for today, I hope you enjoyed!
See you in the next post! (or not)

Maria´s Musical Fridays VI (on Monday) (Christmas edition)

viernes musicales copia

Ok people! I know it’s Monday and that I’ve skipped two Fridays (for which I had the musical selection and the attitude to do them) because I didn’t have time! (It’s ironic, I don’t study or have a job but still don´t have time for anything because I’m always working to get a job)

Well this week we have Christmas so I felt it was time for a my selection for this festivitie, so sit back, chill have some turrón (typical Christmas candy) and enjoy the music.

El mejor regalo eres tú- Nancys Rubias

This one actually repeats from last year’s selection (as you can see here) and it’s the spanish version of the classic all I want for Christmas is you, by one of the most misunderstood spanish groups of all time (but also one of my favourites), ans well since it´s a Christmas edition, I really don´t have any special attachment with it so I can’t really “dramatize” about the lyrics or the music or anything, sorry guys!

California Winter- Bonnie McKee

I heard this song for the first time after I had just published last year’s selection, so it didn’t make it in, but it was instant crush, the music the lyrics, the video (apart from the (non)lip sync). C’mon! this song screams SUMMER all through it, and I love summer… 

We Won’t Remember Christmas (ft. Brett Domino, Mandem On The Wall & Tom Deacon) – The Midnight Beast

Ok, and the last and greatest one of all three…another late discovery…just missing a little tequila in the lyrics, but we will get over it…the super Youtube collab WE WONT REMEMBER CHRISTMAS (It has Brett Domino in it, that makes it totally awesome) (let me set clear that I drink alcohol but never get drunk and that I have a great memory, so this has never really happened to me) (by the moment) (God’s paths are mysterious)

So missing the bizarre and surreal fun I just to have, and which I’ve been deprived lately (but which I know (or at least hope) that will come back and better) I wish you all a very very very very merry Christmas! (just a Brett Domino reference ;))

See you in the next post! (or not)

Maria´s Musical Fridays III

viernes musicales copia

Hello my (non) readers! missed me?? well I’ve been quite busy lately and have not have the urge of writing, but! it´s Friday! so that means… MARIA´S MUSICAL FRIDAY! yay. As I said in the very first post this blog is something for improvisation, and that I will write when I want to write and that I will abandon it when I feel like it, but it´s true that I would like to maintain the Musical Fridays, it´s just that as I said I´ve been a bit lost in combat lately, but let´s stop this chit chat and get on with the music!

Un millón de cicatrices- El canto del loco

El canto del loco… a band I actually wasn’t really fond of until their last CD (And with last CD, I mean before they split), but well better later than ever.
I have to recognize I´ve had a bit of a rough time lately, and I´m not proud att all of my attitude and certain thoughts, I´m not like that, I´m not a sad, suspicious person, I don´t like to make anyone around me suffer unnecessarily, but I´m glad that I have been able too see the problem, say sorry, and configure myself to the happy and carefree girl I`m normally. I know my situation is going to be the same in a while, but now I got back my straight and my smile to face everything.

Kick ass (We are young)- Mika

Now in a bit more lively line, a song I’ve discovered like an hour ago and it’s been an instant love (probably because I´m in fighting mode).

From the Kick ass film, by the hand of the great Mika We are young, and well, as I said, I’m in fighting mode.

Hey everybody- 5 Seconds of summer

Money, work…those things that look so out of reach some times… you work hard looking for a job, but it doesn’t come, and actually it doesn’t have to come, no matter how much you work, what you need is LUCK. But I can’t afford to give up, I got to make out my luck, so Luck! I’m going to get you, no matter how hard you try to dodge me, I´ll get you.

Maria´s Musical Fridays II

viernes musicales copia

Second session of MARIA´S MUSICAL FRIDAYS! Yeah people!! Unfortunately I’m a bit in a hurry so I can´t extend myself tonight *tears, tears*, but let´s keep the spirits high and that volume even higher!

Ahora- Dry Martina

Sadly, as I said I don’t have much time today, but if I had I would not save words of admiration for this group and their music (if you read last Fridays post you´ll see what I mean). About the song, it´s not normal to find a lyrics with you can resemble so much like I do to this song in this time of my life, I would say 90-95%.

Let´s go surfing- The drums

Today I woke up at 5:00 pm and went to the beach, and at 8:00 pm I was in the water. Awesome way to start a day.

(in a month or so, you will see what I was doing up so early)(it was so worth it)

Broken record- Tessa Violet

Musical Fridays are supported in and over exaggerated drama, not in a negative way, it´s more like the sauce of life, this is a concept in which I want to dive deeply in further editions, because I must say it´s super interesting. But once again I don´t have much time so enjoy this lovely Tessa Violet song and focus in the second verse! I have to leave! Have a nice weekend!

Until next post! (or not)