Sugar, spice and everything nice! (Strawberry liqueur recipe #1)

bottle copia.jpg

So I remember in the first post saying that maybe recipes might come along (just like any other thing) and also that in a post written with a garter belt on my hips and a strawberry cocktail on my hand that I was working on my own strawberry mixology-drink. I figured out that the best way to start would be finding a good Strawberry liqueur. Searched: Not found anywhere around. Solution: Make your own.

The Internet is full of things and between all those things there are a lot of liquor recipes, so after reading a big bunch of them, arranged my own recipe. In my opinion it’s quite good, not perfect thought but comes really close to what I was looking for, so here it is!

1/2 K Strawberries (Clean, without leaves and cut in half)
1/2 L Vodka
1 orange zest shavings

3 glasses of water
3 glasses of white sugar


In an hermetic glass bottle pour in the strawberries, vodka, orange shavings and mint.
Keep the bottle in a dark place for 3 weeks. Take it out once a week to shake it (if one of the weeks there is an earthquake, that will do too) (at least it did for me). I highly recommend you not to try it at this point, it’s really disgusting (but if you are a curious person like myself I know you will omit my suggestion, well done)

After those three weeks, pour the mix through a colander and a clean cloth, to get a clean liquid.
Meanwhile in a pot heat the water and sugar until the last one has dissolved and add it to the first mix. Back to the hermetic bottle, let it cool for a while and back to the dark room for two weeks and after that voilá! you’ve got yourself your very own homemade Strawberry liqueur!

Until next post! (or not)