Maria’s Musical Friday!

viernes musicales copia

It’s Friday! So you know… MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAY! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (This weekend I’m planning a reflexional post, those you like so much) (Hola Hulia!) (and others) (sorry if you are tired of MMF) (I’m not).

Well today three new musical discoveries thanks to my workmate Silvia! *Hail Silvia!*

Bomba estereo ft Will Smith- Fiesta

First! Bomba Estereo with the great Will Smith! Fiesta, what a rhythm, don’t you just need to dance to it????

Apart from my need for dance and party I don’t really relate much to this song, so I don’t have much to say. Enjoy!

Soha- Mil Pasos

Youtube, that sometime is clever, suggested me this song after the first one, it doesn’t say much but once again, doesn’t it invite you to dance close?

Daniel Santacruz- Lento

And another Youtube suggestion, this a Kizomba song, this “new” musical genre that I don’t want to repeat myself so read the previous description… What a rhythm…What a DANCE!!! Have you seen how those two move together?? I’m searching for a volunteer. Vacancys are open 😉

Until next post! (Or not)


Maria’s Musical Fridays! (On an actual Friday)

viernes musicales copia

And MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAY is back! Today I have a little dilemma…on one hand I have great musical discoveries this week…and on the other hand tonight it’s karaoke night…and they exist some karaoke classics…what to do???? To be or not to be! Meh! What the hell! Let’s go for the Karaoke option full of shabby options that will bring you a mix of displeasure and pleasure at the same time!

And also Facebook told me yesterday that it had been two years since the first time I went to a Karaoke and it’s going to be a great space to remember that night! Let’s get to it!

Sambame- Upa Dance

Let’s me get in abuela cebolleta mode: So as I said, two years ago in my beloved Madrid, with my beloved Kazooalidadeswe decided to go to a Karaoke and after a quest through the capital’s streets, we finally found were to place the egg. And what did we sing? Please, delight yourself…

Pega la vuelta- Pimpinela

The second time I went to the Karaoke, was like a month ago, with to good old friends, and we had an excellent time  at the sound of….

Touch-a toucha toucha touch me-Glee

And we get now to today! And definitely the song I would sing is this one! Why? I don’t know now it has a really playful and dramatic sense to it, it’s perfect to tease around the audience, plus! It goes great with my voice.

La otra cara de Vanexxa- Vanexxa (Bonus track)

And this week I must add a bonus track that responds to the original idea of the MMF. I don’t have a lizard, instead I have a skeleton, and I don’t like girls, but the rest is pretty much it 😉 Vanexxa…ain’t se a great artist? I know she’s one of the last artist you would expect me listening to but yet, who knows me for a while, knows she’s one of my favorite artist.

Well and that’s everything for today! Bye!

Until the next post! (or not)

Maria’s Musical Fridays!

viernes musicales copia

So after a lot of months of silence *drum roll*MARIA’S MUSICAL FRIDAY is back! (On Sunday) (I actually had it ready on Friday but I needed to do the super cool gif that you see below, which I’ll use to explain the core of this MMF).

Isn`t it awesome???

So if you’ve read the last post (if you haven’t you have some homework to do) I’ve been going to salsa classes, and everyday I’m closer to my  caribbean genes (A couple of great grand parents were from far far away). Who’s leg am I trying to pull?… I’ve actually been getting closer to them way before salsa classes (who remembers Twerk days with my lil sis?).

So well! The thing is that yesterday I was preparing to work out a bit, ok? And I normally listen to latin music for the warm out, and of course…I could not help it…man the rhythm caught me…AS ALWAYS.

I can’t help it I hear music and immediately have to start dancing and yesterday I felt very very happy, because I was in front on my bedroom mirror, and I saw it…I got my hips totally dissociates! Yayyyyy (I know it might seem strange, but listen to this, if you want to twerk properly, you need to have a pair of nice independent hips) I FINALLY MADE IT! I’ve not only partied hard, I’ve dance a lot whenever I had a chance, and I wasn’t really conscious because I just dance for fun, but I’m always trying new moves, so when I get them right I feel exultant, so for that reason I made you this gif to celebrate and three songs for you to dance a long!

And now for the music! Three version of pop songs with the latin taste they need it. Let’s get started!

Chandelier (Bachata)-Sia

Chandelier…bachata version? Yes people, this things happen. I remember it was a rainy day and I was buying a chicken with my family and this song was on the radio, so when I arrived home I searched for it and I must say I liked it waaaaaay more than the original (sorry Sia).  So clear your bedroom and star warming up for what it is to come. 

All of me (Bachata)- John Legend

I’m sure you’ve heard this song a big amount of times, and I have to confess I don’t really like the original one, but come on had some bachata beats and you get one of the sexiest songs around…Even though bachata might seem a bit difficult at the begging because you dance really  close to your partner, once you get the rhythm and you are in harmony with your partner…with out comments…please grab someone and go with the flow.

Más Macarena- Gente de zona ft. Los del Río

And the last song, to speed up a bit, totally one of the summer favorites, a version of the 90’s classic La Macarena, by Los del Río, but updated.

Apart from the song’s makeover, have you seen the VIDEO???? Isn’t it great! Filmed in Cuba, a place I must visit in a near time) look at the colors, the architecture, the life…everything! Well I’m not going to keep talking because you’ve gotta keep dancing!

Until the next post! (or not)

Maria’s Musical Fridays!

viernes musicales copia

I can’t even remember when was the last MMF! (I know I could look for it at the blog’s archive, but I don’t really feel like) So let’s stop all the chit chat and let’s get to it!

This past week I’ve been on McFLY mode. I like this group almost from the beginning (actually after Busted splitted) and they have been one of my favourite bands since then. I’ve been listening all their albums, watching documentaries after luch (I normally the ones I see are the Mayday series or Nazis) (I love World War II stories) (I love story in general), so in resume, I’ve been fangirl mode and that’s why this week we are going to dedicate this MMF to the british band!
(PS: Have you seen how well fits adulthood some people?)

That girl

OK! So this was the song that got me into Mcfly, I still love it after all this years. I remember how I totally LOVED Danny Jones (the brunette singer) (I love his hair, his guitar solo, his looks, I thought he was really sexy), I also remember how I thought that Tom (the blond singer) looked like The Albino from Princess Bride (Sorry Tom, now I think you look like the most adorable dad in the world and that adulthood has made really good too).
I also remember I learned to play this song with the guitar and that I performed it in front of my family one New Years Eve… o what times… ENJOY THE SONG BECAUSE IT’S STILL AWESOME.

All about you

One of my top 3 favourite song of the world. I think it needs no more presentation.

And last! It’s been too difficult, because I like almost all their songs Smile (the song I used for my first short film), Party Girl, Walk in the Sun, Love is easy…. too many!
I finally chose this lovely acoustic version where you can see the absolutly stunning guitar domain of Danny and Tom, plus the song has a je ne sais quoi, and their suits??? no comment, just enjoy.

Well and that’s all for the week!
Until next post! (Or not)

Hello, good morning thank you, at the end of the hallway…and other phrases repeated through the weekend


Hello people! I’m alive! sorry for my lack of post (and Musical Fridays…I have a hole in my soul because of this) but I’ve been really occupied and since today I woke up without voice (this that happen when you stand in front of a door with the cold air flowing distributing flyers and after that go and have a delicious mojito and an ice cream) I’m going to tell you a bit of what’s going up lately.

Well the door thing might have given you a clue about what I’ve been doing, yes, I’VE BEEN WORKING, what in? you might as, well as a hostess in an International osteoporosis Congress. Yayyyy!
The congress has gone quite well, I’ve meet a lot of people and of course got the opportunity to take advantage of things I was given (like a smile, lovely blue eyes, and the capacity of standing 8 hours in high heels as is nothing happened) to earn some money (and leave my parents kitchen for a while) yayyyy!!

I actually don’t have much more to tell about the congress, just that I’ve enjoyed and look forward for more job calls!
Life is really curious, as you know it’s already been 3 months since my last job (Nespresso, illustrator, Christmas…rings a bell?). So after three months crying around and blah blah (you read this, you know all the ups and downs) two days after I got the call for this job from a Malaga’s hostess agency I get a call from the agency that hired me back in Christmas…offering me ANOTHER JOB. Yes people, it’s also a congress (this time it’s a pharmacy one) for the next, so yeah three months of drought and now 2 jobs in 2 weeks!.
So yeah, basically next week I’m congressing again, this time I’ll be alone (this past weekend I’ve had 69 teammates) and I still don`t know what I’ll do, but I suppose it won’t be difficult, we will see!
Until next post! (or not)