Bar tendering, my way to cinema?

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So today having lunch with my family the conversation has had a curious turn and maybe even a possibility for my life that I could have never expected, let’s start from the beginning:
A couple months ago Facebook suggested me to follow “EBS” (European Bartender School) and of course it immediately caught my eye (c’mon! have you seen the videos! It’s like a summer camp learning how to do trillions of cocktails!) (You know I love cocktailing, more doing them than drinking them, but both) (I’ve even started producing my own liquors! (Strawberry by the moment)). I remember that by that moment there was a special offer that was the full course (it last 1 month) with the accommodation (It`s in Barcelona, a bit far from Malaga) like 780€ (Without the offer it costs 2020 €, slightly more expensive as you see).

But also a that moment I wasn’t totally desperate as I am to get a job of whatever comes in front of my life, so I was like: “WOW it would be so awesome to study there!!! but you know just for the love of fun and knowledge because I’m a animator/artist (whatever) and I have to get a job in that, I wouldn’t mind working in a bar serving cocktails for a couple of months thought I’m going to spend my whole life in front of a computer drawing backgrounds, but well that where I’m heading, you have already worked on those “summer jobs” for young people, now it’s time to work in what you have studied” HA.

After that I started thinking (maybe because of the Nespresso experience) that before nailing my butt to a Disney chair it would be cool to spend a couple of months in a job where you had to work publicly, I don’t mind interacting with other people and I’m not afraid of working in from of staring eyes, I also think (this I thought before “Desperate Mary” started coming out) that working facing the public is one of the best ways to learn how to treat people, and deal with everything with a smile and tons of patience (essential qualities for life) .

Ok, so you don’t give aside your dream job search, but you also start looking for other types of job (I really need to get out of my parents kitchen and be a bit independent monetarily speaking) but you get the same luck, because you don’t have enough experience in anything and your artistic studies are useless in other fields that don’t require a filling an empty canvas (I also suppose that artist are considered as lazy and not trust-worthy people). So we are once again where we started.

Going back to lunchtime: I have a couple of successful bartenders cousins in Madrid, and one of them is like a home service bartender, so people hire him to go to their houses during a party and he takes the drinks and everything and prepares cocktails for the attendants and my father was talking like how there wasn’t anything like that in Malaga and that we could start that service, but of course you need someone with a little bit of flow serving drinks and that knows how to manage the servings and stuff, and I remembered EBS and talked to them about it. My father said that the ideal thing would be to send one of us (Me, of course) to learn everything and the show the others the “art of being a bartender”.

I don’t know how much of seriousness was in those words and if he even consider it but well it made me think (I get things to think in from anything, as you might have seen):

What if I earn enough money to pay EBS, go there, become a great bartender, get a job (they have a job bank, which after my experience is the one thing you must consider before going into whatever school you might be thinking, if it doesn’t, sorry not interested) (they also say that almost all their students come out with a job, if I don’t I would start considering myself as the unluckiest person on the planet), move to Madrid (working as a bartender) and there I would have the opportunity to go where I know “animated” opportunities and contacts are made and FINALLY get a job in what I’ve put so much effort. It sounds like a good plan, right? At least I do, I don’t know, anything to add people?

Or who knows, maybe I get in to EBS and discover that that is my way in life, the night, cocktails and cocktail shakers, after all I’ve always had the fantasy of owning my own night club, bar or something like that, I don`t know, as always everything in my life is a bit on the air, I don’t have the slightest clue of what I’m even going to do tomorrow maybe I get a call for a job and I have to move to the US in less that one week or I win the lottery and decide to go on a one year trip around the world… there are so many possibilities and all of them are possible and impossible at the same time.
At least I know what I’m going to do for today: I’m going to finish this post, make the corresponding drawing, work on my schoolism assignment, make some sport, have dinner while watching chapter 3 of the second season of “Ahí abajo” go to bed and prepare for a new day full of hidden possibilities, so the only thing I have to say by the moment is:
Until next post! (or not)



Strawberries, tequila and garter belts

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I couldn’t imagine a better title for my life lately. Why? I don´t know, it´is pink, mexican and glamorous.

It’s not that I’m living a Wildfox life or anything, at least in a material level (in my head lives a constant styled party) (mostly always).
The thing is that while I write this post, with a strawberry tequila cocktail, listening to Melanie Martinez´s Pity party my mind goes round my life, my day a day and makes questions that stay unsolved. I have just ate a piece of fruit cake my mom has made, it was delicious and as agent K says in Men in Black 3, cake is a good problem solver, but I´ve ate it fast and with out really enjoying it so it didn’t work, this night’s everything goes fast, not really typical in me (ask my dad).

As I said, I have a lot going around, I’m constantly going back and forward, trying to find out if I´m in the right direction.
I studied Fine Arts, but I never actually made Fine Arts, yes I have my college degree and passed all the assignments and tasks I needed to complete my four years, I argue A LOT with my teachers, because I didn’t agree with them almost in anything, but that was all. I´m not the bohemian artist type that reads hundreds of things other wrote, think of it and stupid amount of time an then produce. No, I´m more an action artist, you know I want to work in in cinema business, so my work isn’t supposed to express my feelings or anything, but secretly I´ve always had a part of my work, that even though it might look superficial or shallow (that I do produce images for images), a lot of time the serve me as a diary which I can shout through.
The problem is that that wasn’t 100%, because I was always thinking in the technique, the public and other thing that should not have mattered, but when you are dying to star working thanks to your work, you try that everything you do seves for a portfolio.

But now I’m tired of “hiding”, I’m going to start developing that “finest artist” in me, but for me, my rules, my colors my paths.

The problem is, that coin has another side called “I still need a job”. I don’t intend to abandon cinema, by the moment, but I have to be realistic: I´ve been searching since May in that direction and NOTHING. I know it might be soon, but as I said a few post ago I want to do something big, I’m really tired of waiting for someone to give me a chance and the idea of starting my own project grows everyday, it would not be big screen related as I said that might step a bit aside. I guess everyone has it´s place in life, and maybe mine is full of glitter, lace, sewing machines, endless party full of glamour instead of cintiqs, frames, and color keys…who knows? maybe a couple of years from now, you are wearing my t-shirts and garter belts, well let´s just go with the flow and expect the best from life.

So with the last sip of tequila and strawberries (I´am currently working of my very own strawberry-tequila cocktail, today’s wasn’t bad but I still have to work it out a bit) I wish you a pleasant night and as Coti would say Buena suerte, ciao, adiós. (I still suck at endings)

See you in the next post! (or not)