I would have titled this “Aaaahhh….II” but I wanted to be a bit more original

cora2 copia.jpgHello, it’s me… Don’t worry! I’m not start all Adele-like (I think I’ve never listened to someone so…insufrible) (well there is a spanish singer called Manolo García who is on a similar or even higher level)

I know I’ve been a bit missing in combat lately, not only in the blog but also in my life and as I’ve commented in other occasions: I HATE IT
I really try to stay strong and to keep truth to my “optimistic/positive way to life” but come on, 9 months (I could have had a baby in that time) looking for a job with NO RESULTS! trust me it’s not easy (I suppose that sadly a lot of people know what it is) but the thing doesn’t finish there because when you are a lawyer, a teacher or whatever other non artistic job, you just have your curriculum to put up there and be judged by, BUT! in artistic disciplines you have a thing called “portfolio” (basically a folder with your BEST work). So you send your curriculum and your artwork to all the companies known and unknown and sometimes they send you a “sorry but no” mail but mostly nothing, wich in both cases means “your job is not good for us”.

I can totally understand my work is not going to suit most companies, but when in 9 months you don’t find even a tiny spot for you well you star to think… God knows what. I know my work isn’t perfect, it has a lot to improve, but I sincerely also think it has quality, and I learn fast I’ve already proved it (I also think that working (in a real position, with real projects and real pressure) is the best way to learn), I’m constantly looking for ways to improve (I have currently enrolled in a Schoolism course) and I really REALLY want to work, feeling that what I do is useful for the world is one of the things I love most (I find more satisfaction hanging the laundry than drawing lately…) But well, even though I don’t have much faith by the moment I’ll keep working hard, because that’s my thing. Or so I think.

That’s my main issue lately but other factors in my life don’t really help like for example:
-Getting a job of any other thing (just to make out some cash and have an occupation out of my parents kitchen) isn’t easier (and the administrations in charged seemed to be designed to make the life of job-less people even more miserable than what it already is)
-The fact that you barely have friends were you currently live because they are working in other cities and the ones that are here, have jobs that take all their time (good thing I have a loving family)

But I don’t want to give the impression that nothing good goes around! (I have to fight that dark cloud over my head, that I’ve noticed that sometime is a bit (lot) auto-imposed who knows why):
-My body is getting stronger (I’m taking my fitness much seriously), I’m even trying pushing myself to cool “complicated” yoga poses (I have a great balance head up, but head down…). I’m really enjoying this challenging my body limits.
-I’m back to studying French (remember I might be going to France in summer) and I’ve also started studying portuguese and I must say I’M LOVING IT, look: Eu gosto falar português. Yeah
-I’m alive which means I have the chance to keep chasing what I want
-I have a really supporting (some days) family

Well once again I’m getting bored of talking to myself but I have a (mostly male) public (I had today and unexpected confessed reader, and she is a woman, hi Hulia!) to entertain and I would not like to disappoint them! So that’s all for today
Until next post! (or not)



annecy copia.jpg

With this very suggesting title I welcome you to the first post of the year, I’ve been trying to get some time out but my short film is taking all my time lately (but it’s totally going to be worth it).

So this blog, responds to my needs of the moment, for example last week I would have talked about how I did in my job and stuff like that, but today I feel like talking of my “life resolutions” (I never make new year’s resolutions or so). I have a lot of time to think, because even animating takes a lot of concentration I’m still able of give things a turn or two and lately I’ve been thinking of the french film festival “Annecy”, but not in the way of a “festival”, I think of it more as a “concept” or a metaphor of life.

I regret not being a bit more daring in life, I’m not afraid of living but I have said “no” to things that I know were going to be good for me just because of fright, and I´m tired of that, tired of being stopped by “suppose to” or “not suppose to”. I don´t think I lived oppressed by my job, parents, friends… I actually always have done quite what I felt like but as I said I’ve been a bit corseted in certain aspects.

I like how I am, I have certain morals and ideas I don´t intend to change (basically because those things form who I am and they are not the things that stop me for doing what I want, actually they are te ones that encourage me to go ahead), but I also have that stupid voice tempting me with not going to certain places or not taking certain risk. I consider myself one of the most contrary/contrasted persons in the world and this is not the post to explain all that but I suppose that if you read it you might get a vague idea and to put a little silly example: when I´m working at my computer I have playlist that contain reggaeton and Mozart and I enjoy both the same (see there you have seen a bit of my daring part, no one would ever recognize they like/listen reggaeton becuse lots of people would stone them).

And what has Annecy “the festival” have to do with all this? Well, I’ll tell you:
I don’t know anyone really willing to go with me, so I said to myself “I don’t care! I can go on my own, I’m not afraid of travelling on my own” until here everything fine, but then that lazy and scared voice inside my head says “What are you going to do alone a whole week in France? Just by yourself, sleeping in a tent, just you, maybe you get bored, and you are going to make a great effort saving money for the trip, that by the way it’s very far from Malaga, how are you going to get there…” “SHUT UP! I’m going anyhow, I’ll meet very interesting people, I’ll get a job, have fun, maybe even meet someone special and learn a lot, so please stop trying to retain my thirst of adventure and life” and that´s more or less the fight that goes on in my head, the good thing is that that voice seems to be getting week, the bad is that Annecy is far in time still, so that stupid life blaster has time to rearm, but I have made the choice of not leaving it win ever again, c’mon girl! you know you can do it!

So for all of you constantly throwing excuses around for not living to the full, please STOP, enjoy a bit more and if you really have things that don’t allow you to do other stuff, reorganize! If you have to sleep 3 hours a day for an entire week so you can go on that trip or that whatever, do it! I’m sure you won’t regret it and that it’s worth it, lets stop being so lazy to live.
Well and that’s all for today, I wanna say “Hello!” to my two new unexpected subscribers I’m glad people enjoy my little mishmash of music, tequila and deep thoughts! and as always

Until next post! (or not)

My first artistic job. Yayyy me!

trabajos copia

The sooner I write it the sooner I get it, what? you might ask: A JOB. Yes people! last Tuesday I was writing the “about” section and complaining about the topic and half an hour more o less after publishing it I got the awaited mail and after a few more mails crossed the job was finally mine! And so I start today! yaayyyyyy

It’s my first artistic job, but not my first job and as all of them in the past this first artistic employment isn’t really normal. And since the year is coming to the end and people are fond of making list of their year memories I´m not going to be less and I’m going to make a list on the odd jobs I have had along my life.

My first “real” job (I say “real” because it was the first that money didn’t come from any relative, because I’ve been earning my money since I was 8), came when I was 16 in a flamenco dresses (typical spanish) shop called El Rocio. I saw the announcement in the window shop and immediately got in and asked for it, after I few questions like how old was I or if I could get a partner, so I left them my number and went back home.
At 9 am of the next Saturday my mom pulled me out of the bed and put me on the phone, it was from the shop, they have hired me and that started that day in two hours. I immediately called my cousin (that was my partner in crime) and told her to come rushing to Malaga city (she lives in an near town).
We got to the shop (late), the put us the flamenco dresses and send us with a couple of banners to walk around the street. So that was my entry in the working life, all covered in ruffles with a banner walking around the streets all summer.

We took pictures with hundreds of tourist and became friend with all the human statues that work in the main street.

My second job was kinda normal, but only lasted 7 seven hours. It was a as waitress in a wedding in a big hotel. Of course I had to wear uniform and of course I spilt a tray over me, full of gazpacho to be more specific.

My next job was in a sports foundation. I had to wear a tracksuit ( which is my most hated type of outfit) and there I had different task, depending on the event some days I spoke through a mike and others I organize little gymnastic brats.

The next job was a bit…bizarre. This time I worked with my sister as a partner and we had to go around the flea market of La Costa del Sol giving hospital advertising to the tourist (it was a hospital special for them). Until here, everything fine…now comes the awkward part… we had to do it dressed as nurses… I have no comments on that. (it was a horrible job by the way).

And now we get to today! the day I finally start using my studies to earn some money!
As it couldn’t be less I have to wear a uniform: all black and classy, I don’t have problems with uniforms (as we have seen it’s my every job charge).
And what’s the job about? Well it´s for the Nespresso Christmas campaign (woaa Nespresso, that’s a big one). I’ll be sitting in a stand with a hostess that will wrap the coffee making machines and the I will have to hand draw illustrations on the paper. I’m going to feel like an artist in a signature session at a Comic Com or similar!
Well as always I don´t have much time to finish this properly, but I’ll come back (or not) with more working experieces, so by te moment.
See you in the next post! (or not)

Something big

big copiaI need to do something big. What? I don’t know, but I need to do something that gets to a lot of people, or few, but something that makes you feel certain Je ne sais quoi, that moves whatever you might have inside you and something inspiring. And why? I don´t know! it´s not for a need for recognition or similar, it´s just the sensation that you have got something big inside and you need to share it with the world.
I suppose that you don´t plan things like this, they simply come.

To be (in FB) or not to be (in FB)

shakespeare copia

Facebook, that unfathomable world which I don´t want to explore to deeply (especially after watching “The Social Network”) has us trapped in many ways. I confess I have my personal/private profile and that it comes really in handy nowadays, but I´ve always said that if I could I would shut down my profile, but as I said, it comes really in handy. It´s not that I’m addicted or or anything (I don´t even have it installed in my mobile) it’s just that I other things better.

The thing is that I’ve avoided creating my “art page” in FB for a couple of years, but always knowing that sooner or later it would end up happening…so yes, it´s happened… because as I’ve just told a friend by whatsapp “You have to grab the moment when it comes” (and read the signs also helps) and after I posted my latest art piece today the reaction on my personal profile has been quite unanimity and I couldn’t avoid it anymore and here I present you my new FACEBOOK PAGE.
Until next post! (or not)

My total inability drawing caricatures

ojo copia

Greetings my beloved readers! you thought I had already abandoned my crusade! Well no, I just didn’t have time or anything to tell but today! I have for you the frustration of my inability drawing caricatures (I suppose you might have guessed it by the title).

Actually it’s not totally frustrating because even I don’t exaggerate enough and stay in a portrait I get really cool drawings! But still! my goal is being able to do caricatures (You know Jason Seiler? well you should) so we are still having a little problem.

I try to do at least one a week so I know (hope) eventually to get there. Last week I made handsome Javier Rey (ended up looking a bit like Jon Kortajarena) and there wasn’t any sight of exaggeration…. But today! I made LunchMoney Lewis! and guess what???? STILL NO SIGHT OF EXAGGERATION!!!!!! But I must say It´s been the first time I color something like this and the result came out AWESOME so we can say that we are getting somewhere and wherever it´s taking us, looks good judge by yourself.
Well it´s time for me to start making lunch so you know what comes now
Until next post! (or not)

Hottest legs on earth

piernas copia

So yeah it’s seems I happen to have the hottest thighs on earth, don´t get me wrong and let me explain:
I’ve always have felt unconfortable wearing pantis and jeans, why? because my legs get very very hot and everithing starts to itch and I have the desperate need of taking everything off. I remember going with the school uniform with socks all winter because I really couldn´t stand the heat.

And why does this happen? I haven´t got I clue, but I had a flatmate that I the theory taht my legs where covered with “brown fat”.

Brown fat is a special fat normally found in babies that produces heat and protects them from cold. When we grow up that fat disappears and becomes “white fat” (isolates from cold), but it has been discoverd recently thar some grown ups still preserve theother type. By the moment is has been the most “logical explication” because it´s true my legs radiate heat! (and this is the reason I NEVER sleep with pants, even though my sister thinks I do it to bother her) (when I sleep with people I wear a night gown or shorts) (It doesn´t matter how cold it is outside)

So after this little (and not very entertaining) chat about my hot legs it´s time for me to leave you so…
Until next post! (or not)